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Core Technical Team

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Marat Basyrov - CEO

MD/Lead Project Manager

CEO of IPS with over 16+ years of experience in enhancing business systems through technology integration. He has previously launched three successful tech companies and is ready to recommend the best technical solutions for your business. Marat has a background in Accounting and holds a CPA accreditation. Advisor to Forbes AI, and sits on the board of (a Healthcare Tech company)

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Rose D

UI/UX and Brand Manager

Rose is a digital designer and entrepreneur with a flair for startups and brands. She specialises in bringing creative ideas to life; from formulating brand concepts, improving customer experiences, to designing WordPress websites. Her past experience as a UX/UI designer, creating products for the likes of worldwide brands including Coles, Unilever, The Australian Government and Transport for London. She uses the same design thinking tools used for large enterprises, to help small businesses and bootstrapped startups achieve ambitious results.

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Vladimir M

Senior Tech Lead

Vladimir has been in the field of Internet technologies since 1997. He is an expert in the field of business automation, as well as creating, developing and promoting Web applications. His passion lies in Internet business project assessment (startups etc.)

Team member

Ivan I

Backend | Data |ML Senior: R&D, PoC, tasks planning
QA - Computer Vision, NLP, backend

Ivan is a senior Python backend developer specialized with REST API development and machine learning. Till 2013 he worked at R&D KUL as a bioi data scientist, later he was excited about web technologies and have constructed a number of projects in web. He knows efficient ways how to use Python and its libraries for data science calculations, data mining and statistics, PoC and complex pipelines. Also, he is a web developer working with Django, DRF, Flask, OpenCV for computer vision and NLTK/NLP. He leads a small backend and ML development team, participating in tasks planning and reviewing code.

Team member

Eugen T

Senior Dev, Plan and Editor,
Import/Export, and Other Critical Functions

Eugen is a senior Javascript frontend developer specialized in React development, architecture building and task analysis. For about ten years of development, he worked on many web projects including backend and frontend development. Being a Java developer from 2011, he started his work as a Node JS Fullstack developer in 2015. He has good experience as NodeJS backend developer and frontend developer, and follows best practices of RESTful web services, GraphQL, React and UI frameworks and technologies - React-Redux, Redux-Saga, Material UI, Ant Design, Next.js, Gatsby, Apollo GraphQL (client/server) and other.

Team member

Oleg F

Mid React Dev, Frontend

Oleg is a middle Javascript frontend developer specialized in React development and interface building. For more than two years he participated in the development of many projects using Typescript, React+Redux, Redux-Saga, Next.js and other technologies.

Team member

Tigran K

Mid JavaScript full stack developer

Tigran is a middle JavaScript full stack developer with 5+ years practical experience in IT industry and a wide experience in various tools including but not limited in Node JS, React JS. He has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and master’s degree in applied mathematics.

Team member

Kam S

Full Stack Developer

Kam is a 10+ years experienced Full Stack Developer with excellent experience in Laravel, Nodejs, WebSockets, PHP, WordPress, React.js, Next.js, React Native, AWS and much more.

Team member

Harshi J

UI/UX Frontend Developer

Harshi is a UI/UX frontend developer with 4+ years of experience in the IT industry. She has designed and developed many projects using HTML, CSS, SCSS, Javascript, jQuery, Next.js and other web technologies.

Marketing & PR

Team member

Vincenzo Romano

Marketing, Brand,
Strategy & PR

Vincenzo comes from a communication science and journalism background, giving him an affinity for marketing and communications. He has worked for various businesses around the world, as well as advises and coaches small businesses on how to achieve business success.

Strategy and Partnership Advisory

Team member

Alexey Scherbakov

Cloud Architect and
Security Advisor

Alexey specialises in designing, building and the practical implementation of cloud-based applications. With more than 10 years of experience in his field, Alexey has applied his reliable and detail-oriented approaches to provide knowledgeable advice and recommendations for IPS’s cloud structures and security.

Team member

Prince Bhalla

and IP Advisor

Prince Bhalla, in addition to being the owner of Ambika-Bleue Networks for 21 years, he has over 20 years in the related field of Infrastructure and IP Management. With an incredible work history and experience to back him up, Prince’s opinions and advisement are an asset that helps to drive the development and operations within IPS.