Savealife — Mobile Phone Applications for iOS and Android

Savealife — Mobile Phone Applications for iOS and Android

Savealife is a mobile app or Android and iPhone devices that set the correct tempo to perform Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) using visual, audio and vibration cues. It’s a must have app for anyone. You never know when you may need to perform CPR to save someone’s life. Be prepared.

Savealife Mobile Application designed for both Android and iPhone devices by Edway Apps in Melbourne.

It can also work on iPad and Android tablets, however, we didn’t see a good reason to design it specifically for iPad as it doesn’t have any more functionality to accommodate on the large screen.

Savealife is a good example of the simple app executed in the quality way. Minimalistic design not to distract the user from unnecessary design elements. A user must be concentrated on the rhythm that the app indicates using vibrate, flash light device features and the layout animation.
You can see how a simple mobile / smartphone application executed in a way where the reviews will speak for itself.

Some of many Customer Reviews:

by A. A. P.
«could help not to crack under pressure when doing CPR… Loved the light feature
Good idea!»

by Diddly07
«Clever app, handy to have; hopefully I’ll never need to use it though ;))»

Savealife, mobile app for Android and iPhone, has the following features:

  • Cues in multiple formats: We provide visual, audio and vibration signals to keep the correct tempo when performing CPR.
  • Two modes of CPR: The app provides cues for both continuous and CPR.
  • Emergency guidance: The app includes the steps to follow in an emergency.
  • Connect to emergency services: Save time by calling emergency services right from the app.
  • Simple, intuitive design: The mobile application is easy to use, with the quick demonstration through icons and pictures.
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