ClubQnect is a revolutionary SaaS Software system with iPhone and Android mobile apps for end users and Web Application for Event Managers. The app is designed and developed by Edway Apps Software Development and Design Team, plus our web development team in Melbourne, Australia. Create events, assemble a crew, sell tickets, and offer mobile check-in.

ClubQnect – SaaS with iPhone, Android & Web Apps

ClubQnect Software Project – Web, iPhone, and Android app project have the following benefits:
ClubQnect is a great solution for largely paid events or impromptu party planning with friends. Advanced features such as paperless tickets and detailed analytics streamline your event management tasks. Social features such as Facebook integration make it easy to reach friends and assemble a crew for a party. What are you doing tonight? Plan an event with ClubQnect.

How it works

The ClubQnect system represents the comprehensive approach to the industry and business workflow to make it automotive and exclude conventional methods to perform business operations – invoicing and refunding to customers. The funds are automatically redistributed to the event organisers after the event finished.

ClubQnect Software Project – Web, iPhone, and Android app project have the following benefits:

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Software Project with the web and mobile apps development with a holistic outlook

You can read the Software Project (backend, the web, and mobile app) Development Process – Case Study was done by Edway Apps here. All of the code and design completed at our exclusive web and mobile app design studios in Melbourne and Sydney. All the software system and database design including the development also done in Melbourne.

Edway Apps has the ultimate goal to make a fully automated project for ClubQnect managers, as well as to create heavy competition to existing software web and app projects in Australia as Eventbrite for iPhone, Android mobile phone applications as well as a web application for Desktops with the mobile friendly design and coding.

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