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    Project Description

    Tech4Data is a community that believes in sharing knowledge and expertise, learning from each other and collaborating. You can learn all about AI, Blockchain, Big Data and all the related technologies. News, Educational Resources, Discussion, Tools: all is available for Free for Everyone.

    IPS Professional Team build this community platform in order of Edway Media Pty. Our development included creating a client-oriented UI/UX design and filling it with a variety of content. We also provide consultancy and support services to the project.

    Platform Core Functionality:

    • Tech blog with article posting opportunities
    • Leave a Reply functions
    • Posting and reposting in other socials

    Project Detailed Information

    Project Benefits to Client

    • Arrow right Image | IPSA social platform with a specialization in information technology
    • Arrow right Image | IPSAutomated news feed services
    • Arrow right Image | IPSWeb scrapers
    • Arrow right Image | IPSGreat opportunities for further development
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