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Solocator is a GPS field camera that lets you overlay and stamp photos with GPS location, compass direction, altitude, and date & time taken. You can also view photo orientation and place in map view and navigate there. With Industry Pack (IAP) you can add additional features such as editable notes or a watermark. Apps For iPhone and Android are designed and developed with attention to detail in Sydney, Australia.

About - Solocator

Solocator is a camera app with built-in compass features. You can take photos with compass reading showing the direction you’re looking at or switch to building mode to capture the elevation of a building face. The building mode captures the Cardinal and InterCardinal directions such as North Elevation, South East Elevation etc. You can easily email photos from the app with a compass bearing, house elevation, the time taken, GPS coordinates and links to iOS maps or Google maps.

How It Works

Solocator iPhone and Android mobile app is perfect for the following uses:

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How can Solocator help you?
Tailor the info you capture

Tailor the info you capture

Work with captured informations

Work with captured informations

Customize photos by stamping own watermark

Customize photos by stamping own watermark

Custom exporting & emailing

Custom exporting & emailing


  • Solocator captures information about homes, land and property that you are inspecting to buy or rent.
  • It allows you to choose what information you want to overlay on your photos to suit your fieldwork.
  • The building mode captures the Cardinal and InterCardinal directions such as North Elevation, South East Elevation etc.
  • Ideal for those working in and around buildings; to improve your GPS location. You can also use it to lock the position of the asset or subject you’re photographing as opposed to where you’re standing.
  • Stamp your photos with "Project name" & "Description" and can also amend it later.
  • Customize photos by stamping your own watermark. e.g. company name, team or photographer name.
  • It has additional coordinate formats such as UTM and MGRS grid coordinate formats.
  • Select your combination of photos, maps and captured info in the file formats to suit your needs.
  • Switch Compass, Building and Street modes off and just show GPS info bar on top of photos. Gives you more flexibility on what and how you overlay info and show more of the photo.
  • Solocator is accessible for incompatible devices that do not have a compass.


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