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    Right on Course is a small size company that is aiming to scale by developing it is own proprietary enterprise-level resources management and reporting technology.
    It provides Fliers Distribution services by dropping them to email boxes.

    The company was using Garmin wearable devices to monitor and record Distributors' actual data for the jobs performed. It was a costly and cumbersome process as the company was purchasing Garmin wearables and providing them to their Walkers. The manager would then be required to transfer data from each wearable device to his desktop via cable.

    The IPS has created a custom app solution for Right on Course: GPS tracking app to code both iPhone and Android with highly accurate tracking and employee management system.

    Project Detailed Information

    The Main Client requirements and realized mobile Android and iOS apps functionality:

    • Working in offline mode if it doesn't have an internet connection and sync data when a connection is
    • GPS Tracking to be very accurate to show the HI-Fliers Distributors walking both sides of streets and to
      show the actual walk to the mailboxes
    • Backend database to feed data to the Mediatrack system in the required format
    • Customisable reporting system and admin management functionality
    • An implemented API to establish the system connectivity.
    • An App data feed to be displayed on the web application interface to show data within the
      management Mediatrack portal

    Project Benefits to Client

    • Arrow right Image | IPSThe quality of the company's personnel management has significantly improved.
    • Arrow right Image | IPSThe accuracy of accounting for the working time spent by the distributor on the performance of work has significantly increased.
    • Arrow right Image | IPSThe costs associated with the unproductive use of working time by distributors have been reduced
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