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    Project Description

    Referron is a web and mobile application that assists business owners in expanding their recognition through referrals. People who support your product/services can be involved in the exposure of your business by connecting to your business as a champion on Referron and referring your business to their peers with rewards for each successful referral.

    The project's main goal is to improve the system from the codebase we have inherited from the previous developers and make it scalable. Referron had more than 60k users at the time when the client reached us for help.

    IPS took full responsibility for improving the general system for Referron in every aspect possible. IPS professional team re-analyzed Referron's business and storyboarding aspects to provide a custom software solution to massive user experience upgrade by updating workflows and improving speed.

    Project Detailed Information

    In the makeover process of Referron, IPS, based has:

    •  Analyzed the overall system and depicted controllers
    • Structured DB and dataflow
    • Eliminated data discrepancies and implemented validations
    • Produced a detailed UML with proper architecture in aspects of business logic controllers
    • Transferred systems solution architecture from separate services ranging from Azure, AWS and related support services to a well-structured solution architecture with easier maintenance and monitoring
    • Reduced operational costs 2 times by optimising software solution architecture
    • Performed proper human-centered UX & UI processes to improve the previous storyboarding design to modernize a new storyboard with extremely user-friendly interfaces for a user to use.

    Project Benefits to Client

    • Arrow right Image | IPSClients Loyalty Growth
    • Arrow right Image | IPSCommunicate with relevant auditory
    • Arrow right Image | IPSGain influential capability for your business
    • Arrow right Image | IPSReferral revenue monitoring
    • Arrow right Image | IPSIncrease engagement with customers
    • Arrow right Image | IPSAPI automation to include in your website for people to refer/connect to your business on Referron
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