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    Opin is a global web-based platform that gives patients and healthy volunteers easy access to the world’s leading medical research studies and clinical trials and more control over their healthcare journey.

    IPS designed and built this custom software solution to scale SEO and bit the competitors.

    Project Detailed Information

    Opin hosts a database of every active registered clinical trial and research study in the world. With a small amount of information about you, Opin can match you with trials looking for participants near where you live or work, and within the medical condition that you are interested in. If you would like to proceed and participate in a clinical trial and research study opin can help you through the enrollment process.

    Achieved 10k+ users within 6 months since the launch of a SaaS platform in October 2021.

    Project Benefits to Client

    • Arrow right Image | IPSReduce risks almost to none for clinical trials
    • Arrow right Image | IPSIncreases success rates of clinical trials
    • Arrow right Image | IPSSpeed up the recruitment process for clinical trials
    • Arrow right Image | IPSAssist medical companies in one of the most important processes for their advancement
    • Arrow right Image | IPSOffer market research and analysis for every company involved
    • Arrow right Image | IPSUpgrade clinical trial protocol design targeting flaws and modifying them towards the betterment of each company
    • Arrow right Image | IPSOffer accurate predictive solutions based on highly trained AI models
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