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    Cleaning start is a professional cleaning services company that specialises in commercial, domestic and office cleaning.

    At the start of the project, the company's management was carried out in manual mode, which led to the inefficiency of the entire overall business management system.

    Intelligent Profit Solution proposed a custom software solution that enhances the previous system used by the cleaning company that aids in exposure, customer relationship management, system management systematically with proper workflows, dashboards etc., inclusive of a mobile app utilization.

    Project Detailed Information

    The proposed software solution is an end-to-end system embedding all the services offered to the client
    with mobile app-enabled functionalities on a single platform.

    What was done:

    • Extremely user-friendly UI and system
    • Accurate location services with QR code implementation
    • An accurate and powerful scheduling system
      ○ Task
      ○ Job
    • Accurate and informative reports
    • CRM considerations
    • Audit trails
    • Team communication
    • Mobile App integration for all relevant workers

    Project Benefits to Client

    • Arrow right Image | IPSBy the using of IPS Tailored IT Services the main business processes of the company were automated, the time of their execution was reduced
    • Arrow right Image | IPSThe quality of decisions made has improved
    • Arrow right Image | IPSThe efficiency of doing business has significantly increased
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