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    ADEVI is a Prototyping Platform with extended collaboration and project management tools.

    Create app prototype with the source code under 1 hour! Save time and app development costs. Increase the efficiency of interaction between development team members!

    It allows you to create high-quality applications, implement Web design and much more.

    ADEVI combines the ability to work both with and without code to create applications.

    Development is complemented with a new tool that supports a highly Agile process in development and collaboration with designers, project managers, clients, and other stakeholders in real-life transparently and efficiently.

    ADEVI enables all participants - from the designer to the project owner - to be equal participants in the application development process.

    IPS professional team has developed this bespoke software solution for digital prototyping, which helps other users to do their own web and mobile applications development.

    Project Detailed Information

    ADEVI Core functions and Opportunities:

    • Create your prototype in 1 Hour (if you have all the necessary data)
    • Rapid Prototyping without the need for a Tech Experience
    • A single platform for all app prototyping process participants with extended collaboration tools
    • Extended platform tools for different user types: creating and testing MVP during collaboration procedures, project management tools, Investor presentations creation etc.

    ADEVI Core features:

    • Prototype high-fidelity apps fast
    • Experience automated project management functions
    • Collaborate and interact
    • Allows for parallel development with instant visual testing and feedback
    • Maintenance and use over the complete Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)


    • Intuitive tools and interactive system
    • AI & ML backed
    • Automates user experience


    • Use ADEVI's tools to visualise your products' UX
    • Export code and sync development with programmers


    • Share your prototypes to collaborate with the team and the client(s)
    • Test the market and gather feedback early on
    • Eliminate time-wasting back-and-forth communication


    • Onboard your dev team and stakeholders to a project & assign tasks
    • A full overview of the project development in a single platform
    • Create custom apps with project mgmt functions

    Project Benefits to Client

    • Arrow right Image | IPSThe possibility of involving all participants in the development process: from the designer to the customer significantly reduces the time of unproductive communications.
    • Arrow right Image | IPSSignificant reduction in application development time and costs compared to traditional development methods.
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