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    The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission (the Commission) is an Australian Government statutory authority within the Health portfolio. ACQSC promotes high-quality care and services to safeguard everyone who is receiving Australian Government-funded aged care.

    The Commission is the Australian national end-to-end regulator of aged care services and the primary point of contact for consumers and providers concerning quality and safety.

    IPS has developed a custom mobile application for ACQSC that informs its users about certain rules for their residents in elderly care centres.

    Project Detailed Information

    With the help of this application, users have online access to changes in information that is available in the current standards for the provision of services by the agency.

    Users have the opportunity to search for the standards they need and get acquainted with their content.

    Project Benefits to Client

    • Arrow right Image | IPSRaising the level of awareness of users of the commission's services
    • Arrow right Image | IPSThe opportunity to study the necessary standards without visiting the commission's office
    • Arrow right Image | IPSThe ability to have the necessary information anywhere and at any time.
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