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Our approach on solution development is very transparent and keeps you informed throughout the development life-cycle. We have years of experience and most of all we plan your project to match with your objectives.

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Discovery & Planning

With our main offices located in Melbourne and Sydney and, our industry leading software, web and mobile applications development company takes care of the whole development process from start to finish locally. First, we discuss your intended need or the idea with the view to understand expectations of the final working product, regardless of the project size or complexity. We always start any software project by taking the time to understand the idea, requirements, goals, objectives and the mission.

We do understand that each client has different requirements and budget capabilities, which is why we are happy to make adjustments to accommodate your needs and make sure the software development process goes as smoothly and as efficiently as possible.

Wireframes, Design & Prototyping

We believe that the project specification stage is key to the smooth and successful delivery of any project. Accurate planning will make the following steps a breeze and will help to avoid unwanted surprises.

At the prototyping stage, wireframes are developed using cutting edge tools such as Adobe XD, Photoshop, UX Pin, Balsamiq, Figma and etc. these tools help to see your mobile application or web application development project logic as a whole concept and make it easy to decide on a majority of the design choices (colours, graphic elements, artwork, etc.). To get a look and feel on how your mobile application will work and test out User Interface / User Experience (UI/UX) before the actual coding starts. We use advance tools such as InVision for prototyping

Development & Testing

On the development stage, our experienced engineers start coding the application accordingly to the given requirement. At EdwayApps we use Agile development methodologies for software development.

The development activities are broken down to small manageable pieces, called user stories. Then these user stories are allocate to sprints. Sprint is a 1 – 3 weeks cycle where the development happens targeting a demonstrable outcome. At the end of each sprint we develop, test, demo and implement customer feedback. This methodology helps both our clients and us to keep the project on track and deliver the best.

We take pride on our coding and take great care ensuring what we written is in a clear and easy to follow format.

Product Launch & Post Production Support

Once the coding and testing phase completed EdwayApps will release a beta version of the application to client/beta users for business user testing. Upon successful confirmation we will port the application to the production environment.

To make sure that nothing has been missed, we will give you some time to go through the project at your own pace. If you find any bugs we will be fixing it free of charge. We provide assistance with creating a Mobile Application Developer account and submitting the mobile apps to the relevant App Stores.


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