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Mobile application and CRM portal for commercial cleaning company


Edwayapps has taken a holistic approach when developing the solution. Cleaning start, A professional cleaning services company that specialise in commercial, domestic and office cleaning. The proposed system is an end-to-end system embedding all the services client offers while mobile enabled functionalities in one platform.

Problem statement

Client was facing multiple issues with the existing system and it did not serve the expectation fully. EdwayApp proposed a system combing all the exiting platform with further development together to work harmoniously. The proposed system expected contain a CRM function, Mobile app, Dashboards, workflow & etc.

Business analysis & storyboarding

At EdwayApps we take requirement gathering and analysis very seriously. During this stage, we define all the possible parameters using a storyboard and use cases. our goal at this point is to achieve is to identify every functionality and the workflow with possible outcomes. This is done by having each screen defined with all the elements of a sustainable workflow. The storyboard would be based on the wireframes that we prepare. This can be subsequently supported by having a prototype made using various prototyping software. It will help to ensure that you have a proper workflow that can be tried with mock screens as it would work on the phone.

Proposed system overview

* CRM module
* Dashboard with powerful reports
* Audit trial functionalities
* Client portal log in
* Scheduling
* Mobile app for workers
* Push in Messaging enabled team build in the app & admin system
* GPS or QR Codes
* Push in Messaging for the team build in the app/ admin system

Ease of use: Easy, Fast & Reliabl, The system should be easy to understand and straight forward so that anyone can use it without spending too much time to learn it.

GPS or QR Codes: QR Code functionality since workers physically have to be onsite to start the job, same with finishing.

The create system that would have powerful schedules in it- a) schedules for actual job- when and how often it is done, b) schedules for tasks as not all tasks are done on the same visit, especially if it is more than once per week cleaning service.

  • We have more than 10 people and currently utilize excel schedule for each of them. It is done one month is advance, they get paid monthly. It is done once they complete/ adjust their schedules.

In the schedule all jobs have hours with day total which includes travel time, then there is the summary for a week and then for a whole month.

Formulas are used to compute totals; very important to have something similar so that we can see one-on-one screen month ahead of schedule for any worker. It helps to plan their work and allocate the right amount of hours.

We need to have an option of having been able to open few of those schedules in one screen! Not open one- see how it looks, then close it, open another, edit it & etc

  • Say we have a customer with 5 visits per week but a full dusting of all surfaces is only done weekly- we then select what day it is done and worker notified when they log in to the job that that task needs to be completed. or cleaning of blinds needs to be done monthly on the first Monday of a month.

Google has a powerful calendar, it would be great to copy that into our schedule system.

To make things “better” in terms of control- task check list should be done in the way so the tasks that need to be done first appear on their screen. Probably workers need to see full list of them right after they start. Once they click task complete (say pick up rubbish) they should not be able to complete another task (say vacuuming) straight after the first task without any delay. Need to consider this point to add delay before they can complete next task?!

Another tricky part is if one worker is away or sick how do we assign different person somebody else’s job – for good or for a short period of time. Without creating system errors.


  • Access to reporting module (who has privileges to access and who’s not
  • Some jobs need to have a strict START &/or FINISH time, close tracking were required for the personnel who do not follow protocols
  • Total hours worked by anyone for any period of time, include/ exclude travel time
  • Different workers have different pay rate; rate could change for same worker for given period (say he worked on Sunday)
  • Selecting by worker and only one of his customer, see all the hours he spent or that particular job (most workers do more than 3 different sites per day)

CRM module

  • Customer details (screen to see customer details)
  • Contact details
  • Current job specification
  • Previous job specification
  • Customer profitability
  • When was last time get in touch, next “getting in touch” is scheduled in the system and notification comes up to remindIt could be something like- when was last time we took customer for a coffee, where we can sort out all customers by this value to show which one we need to ask for a coffee again.This need to be customizable field that can be anything we want.
  • Sort customers by most profitable one all in one screen, also need to be able to export data. Often site contact will leave the job and there will be another person who is in charge of cleaning process. Need to be able to see history who was contact person before current one.
  • Price increase history with option to sort out all customers with latest/ oldest price increase
  • Site alarms, description, size, number of desks, parking situation, bin location and where to place them, special notes, etc all need to go under each customer
  • This module will need to have its own scheduling system to schedule inspections for any customer

Audit trial

  • We need to inspect all of the jobs and as we grow we forget when and who we inspected last month. Plus, was there any issues at inspection.
  • What is the score we give to cleaner for the site (out of 10) can be split into different areas- to be followed from site specification, as each location will be slightly different.
  • Photo upload functionality
  • Cleaner notification

Admin web site/ Dashboard

  • An option of customizing dashboard is crucial, so that any user can adjust it to his needs.

Mobile App for workers

  • Easy & Simple to use.
  • They should be able to see their jobs at least one month in advance!
  • They need to be able to upload photo/s into the system
  • Write some notes that would appear in the reports.
  • Optimized — The system should use minimal amount of battery/data resources

Team messaging

  • Message notifications (provision to send messages to anyone or within the whole team)
  • Message group creation (Creating message groups similar to WhatsApp & Viber with selected people)

Client portal log in

  • Customer portal (Provisions the customer to see cleaning report, history of visits & etc)



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