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Creative Smart Hub

Creative Smart Hub


Creative Smart Hub is a global market community for digital element designers and artists. Creative Smart Hub provides cutting edge advantages for creative individuals through integrated AI smart tools and features. CSH allows designers to increase the financial return from their creative products. Developing an AI branded algorithm is a cherry on the cake for the users providing an unprecedented product design.

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Problem statement

Innovation and creation is the pride and soul of an artist/designer, they would not want to make something in favour of external sources but endear to their creation and the yield of pure art is not very applicable to business owners as it is not digitized to be applied on business cards, web pages or even brochures. IPS came up with a solution that will benefit both parties of designers and buyers who need quality digitized art in their material.

Business analysis & storyboarding

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Business analysis & storyboarding
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Proposed system overview

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The Solution

IntelligentProfitSolution unravelled a solution by the development of platform and environment for an artist to create, connect and perform sales with leading-edge technology that performs automation delicately assisting both parties of artist and buyers in every aspect of the platform that benefits them in different and as many aspects as possible.

What type of benefit would CSH gives to users


  • Gain recognition
  • Create art to sell instead of getting their creation dictated to the company's needs or themes
  • Increase in income generation
  • Receive inspiration and different ideas of creation from other designers
  • Full control of the copyright of their creation
  • Opportunities will appear in terms of a career boost
  • Collaborate with the platform itself to utilize their art for other users to integrate into their work with rewards and benefits

Buyers/Business Owners/Entrepreneurs

  • Browse for quality arts for their digital product
  • User-friendly search interface that assists searching for a product as close to their vision
  • Automation to digitize the arts they bought or any arts into digitalize material ready for use
  • Opportunity to get in touch with talented artist to seal a deal with their own company
  • The minimalistic design of interface with advanced features done
  • Brandbook considerations

Use cases and Benefits Explanation


Case 1

Designers can register an account and exhibit their creation that is made either on or off-platform for users to browse and even potentially perform sales or rent their creation in a non-dictating manner in terms of creating out of their inspiration and not restricting their creation to company themes and rules

  • Gain recognition through an audience viewing their artworks
  • With recognition comes opportunities
  • Create with their passion
  • Higher-income generation and potential career path boost
Case 2

Designers account are developed similar to a social media account with the follow other accounts system enabling designers/artist to follow other designers/artist to follow their post, update etc

  • Gain inspiration from other designers/artist
  • Potential partnership with other designers on to bigger artworks
  • Connect with other designers for feedback on work or other things
  • Expand profession circle to increase exposure
Case 3

Designers uploaded potential pieces can be inquired upon loading to be collaborated with the platform to be commercialised by using the artwork created as an element by the system or other users to create complex objects. This collaboration gives the creator a contributor badge and handsome profits

  • Another way of generating income
  • A proof of apex in design in a badge for users to recognize
  • Acts as a motivation for designers to do what they love
Case 4

Flexible legalities are implemented for designers to control the license of their creation. They have the option to sell the copyright license over to the buyer or have the option to keep the license and sell the artwork to multiple buyers keeping full control of the legal rights of their product

  • Prevent conflict and misunderstanding between both parties in utilizing the creator's product
  • Designers get the privilege in their increasing the price of their creation if a license is included

Buyers/Business Owners/Entrepreneurs

Case 1

Buyers are privileged with a user-friendly search query system to cut down the massive library of artworks uploaded by an artist to a set of art that favours as close to their vision as possible and if such unfortunate event as if the buyers still could not find any art that favours any closer to their vision or theme, the system will automatically help create new art that might suit the buyer

  • Saves time from browsing a full library of artworks
  • Achieve artworks that are as close to their vision or theme of the company
  • Automated AI system that creates artwork that might alternatively favour even more to their needs
Case 2

Buyers can choose the art they purchased or liked and with a simple click on the "transform" button, the CSH platform automatically digitalizes the artwork into digital materials ready for use in assisting the growth or enhancement of their owned or even start-up businesses. Digital materials include business cards, web pages, brochures or even illustrations of any kind to be digitalized for better utilization

  • Saves time from the advanced automation system
  • Quality digitalized product from apex artworks created by talented artists
Case 3

Besides browsing for artwork, buyers that own a company or startups can alternatively browse for design talents on the platform. By browsing on quality artwork, information and account of the creator are as well displayed along with their creation. Business owners can easily reach out to the creator and discuss potential employment or even strike a deal to work and achieve bigger things together

  • Potential improvement of a company due to more or better quality talents involved
  • Saves time looking for a designer which requires time-consuming interviews and analyses interviewee's demonstration on their capabilities
  • Connection to a large group of designers increases the probability of finding talents the company needs
Case 4

Buyers are offered to accept a brand book based on selected styles on each aspect and details on the product. Creation of a product is advised to the buyer, enabling them to choose the final product in various modifications that might potentially appear stronger in different aspects in favour of suiting the company's design or theme

  • A professional brand book that guides future design regarding the company
  • Consistent design/styles towards future modifications or enhancements towards the company that appears more professional in terms of industrious level design on their company

Creative Smart Hub is developed by a team of experts who understands the industry and has years of experience in the field of design and IT. They went through thorough research and analysis with proper process and effort to understand how the system should work and how designers should be priced considerably in favour of the designers being able to monetize their product considerately without causing a dive in the bank. The prices are stated on the platform itself or the image below.

CSH offers flexible options for designers to choose depending on their capabilities on the platform assisting four different hierarchy level of capability of designers instead of only benefiting only to one.

Prices implemented on the platform are filtered as low as possible to help more designers achieve what they couldn't to grow and expand their career path.

With different plans come different discounts perks towards designers that will let designers pay less than what they should which is already considered an inexpensive amount comparing it to other potential platforms.

In all honesty, our current era requires finance to run anything. CSH is an advanced platform developed and maintained with the integration of advanced technologies which undeniably requires a hefty amount in terms of maintenance and features improvement on the platform guiding by a team of experts. CSH charges a small transaction fee of only 30% tax on each sale made by designers solely on the maintenance and improvements of the CSH platform. The sole objective of the platform is mainly to help designers push further they could ever have without the assistance of advanced platforms.

Technology Stack

Front End

  • React JS
  • Redux
  • Thunk
  • Typescript

Back End

  • Laravel PHP
  • MySQL
  • Restful API
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Creative Smart Hub
Creative Smart Hub

Creative Smart Hub is a community for creative, dynamic and ambitious people, who know ideas. CSH has created a community for people with the vision and courage required to bring them to life. A place where you and thousands of others with similar mindsets can create and share, improve and extend, discuss and plan, and ultimately create again and again. Here, you can showcase and train your skills.

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