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    IPS has taken a holistic approach when developing the solution. Cleaning start, A professional cleaning services company that specializes in commercial, domestic and office cleaning. The proposed system is an end-to-end system embedding all the services client offers while mobile enabled functionalities in one platform.

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    Problem statement

    Disorganized manual management of a quality cleaning company that leads to inefficiency of the whole general system of how the business runs. The client was facing multiple issues with the existing system and it did not serve the expectation fully. IPS proposed a system combing all the exiting platform with further development together to work harmoniously. The proposed system expected to contain a CRM function, Mobile app, Dashboards, workflow & etc.


    Business analysis & storyboarding

    At IPS we take requirement gathering and analysis very seriously. During this stage, we define all the possible parameters using a storyboard and use cases. our goal at this point is to achieve is to identify every functionality and the workflow with possible outcomes. This is done by having each screen defined with all the elements of a sustainable workflow. The storyboard would be based on the wireframes that we prepare. This can be subsequently supported by having a prototype made using various prototyping software. It will help to ensure that you have a proper workflow that can be tried with mock screens as it would work on the phone.

    Business analysis & storyboarding
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    Proposed system overview

    • CRM module
    • Dashboard with powerful reports
    • Audit trial functionalities
    • Client portal log in
    • Scheduling
    • Mobile app for workers
    • Push in Messaging enabled team build in the app & admin system
    • GPS or QR Codes
    • Push in Messaging for the team build in the app/ admin system


    Intelligentprofitsolution proposed a solution that enhances the previous system used by the cleaning company that aids in exposure, customer relationship management, system management systematically with proper workflows, dashboards etc inclusive of a mobile app utilization.

    System modifications and improvements

    • Extremely user-friendly UI and system
    • Accurate location services with QR code implementation
    • An accurate and powerful scheduling system
      • Task
      • Job
    • Accurate and informative reports
    • CRM considerations
    • Audit trails
    • Team communication
    • Mobile App integration for all relevant workers

    Proposed Scheduling System

    Actual Job Scheduling

    Top of the hierarchy scheduling in terms of scheduling main jobs on when it should be done and the frequency of the job that needs to be done on-site.

    Main job branches into a different task that requires another section of schedule in the second layer of the hierarchy

    Task scheduling on each main job

    Breakdown on each task and further scheduled on to relevant workers on the relevant department as some jobs require few visits to complete and tasks can be delegated to each worker/department or even in chronological order if essential for a more efficient job

    General scheduling overview

    Current scheduling involves an old school method of presenting the timetable on an excel sheet for a worker to reference their job which is done monthly concerning their pay which is given out monthly.

    Job scheduling includes hours in a day total inclusive of travel time with a summary of the week and then a month.

    Totals are formulated accordingly which proves the significance of hours allocation towards each worker.

    Several jobs allocation/editing should be able to be done in a manner where a significant amount of jobs can be edited on the same screen and not done singularly on each screen.

    Google's calendar implementation can potentially resolve this issue stated above.

    Worker's replacement is also an important consideration as humans have flaws whereas unfortunate events may occur where workers are unable to work on certain days due to unforeseen events that might obstruct their schedule and the only solution is to find them a replacement in the system without any system errors.

    Proposed reporting functionalities

    Access and permission

    Reports generated require a proper security system protecting the information generated from irrelevant users as data generated on the reporting algorithm can be highly sensitive towards a different hierarchy of users in the business


    All jobs reported needs to have a strict regulation implemented enforcing the START and FINISH time of each job for each worker to follow. Workers who do not follow protocols with invalid reason will be given warning or penalty with the report as evidence

    Waging reports

    Total hours worked by each worker inclusive of travel time is generated on the report for essential calculations

    The wage of each worker can be calculated about their total hours worked report with proper formula with their given rate on any specific day(can be different).

    Hours spent on a particular job for each worker on which specific job or customer will also be generated for further referencing on the system

    Customer Relationship Management Modules

    Customer details available towards Cleaning Star team

    • Customer details
    • Contact details
    • Current and previous job specifications
    • Job areas
    • Quotes and inspection information

    Literal Customer Relationship Management

    • Customer Profitability Management
      • Sorting of customers in terms of profitability
      • Frequency of informal/formal meetings of customers to maintain or improve the constant relationship
    • Data of history of site supervisor that is in contact with the client
    • Constant update of the price trend of business in terms of increment or discounts etc
    • Site alarms/notifications, descriptions, size, parking, miscellaneous etc all need to be specified under each client
    • Inspections scheduling with quotations and agreement between client and Cleaning Star team
    • When was the last time get in touch, next “getting in touch” is scheduled in the system and notification comes up to remind It could be something like- when was the last time we took a customer for a coffee, where we can sort out all customers by this value to show which one we need to ask for a coffee again. This need to be a customizable field that can be anything we want.

    Audit Trails

    All jobs are to be inspected thoroughly and each detail has to be recorded with extreme professionalism including issues report

    • A rating system that describes the intensity of the job in each specification for cleaners regarding the site after inspection
    • Photo upload and display system for a clearer understanding of each inspection for the cleaners
      • Helps cleaner to have a clearer understanding of what they are tasked with which leads them to be forever prepared on every job they are given with
    • Cleaner's notification after each inspection and given schedule off each job giving each cleaner early notice which increases the overall flexibility off the company preventing internal system flaws

    Mobile Application Implementation

    • Extremely user-friendly as not everyone comes from a technology background
      • Complex and sophisticated UI might confuse some people which leads to misunderstanding between technology and users
    • Notified of jobs as early as possible(a month before for instance)
      • Helps promote a healthy schedule system for the overall business as workers that can't make it to the job can have early notice and search for a replacement for their job
    • Photo upload and display functionality in every important aspect
      • The clearest way to represent information will be in the forms of visuals
    • Notes to be written down that will be generated in the report for higher-ups referencing and analysis or clearance of misunderstanding between issues
    • Optimization in terms of data resources/battery for higher performance and cost minimization

    Internal Communication

    Communication/Chat implementation internally on the app between every single individual that is relevant to the company.

    Features that allow configurations between chat groups for different jobs AND a whole chat system available for the whole company for higher-ups to release information to the whole team or from workers releasing any issue to the higher-ups for analysis

    Technology Stack

    Front End

    • JQuery
    • HTML
    • CSS

    Back End

    • Codeigniter PHP
    • MySQL
    • Restful APIs

    Ease of use: 

    Easy, Fast & Reliable, The system should be easy to understand and straight forward so that anyone can use it without spending too much time to learn it.

    GPS or QR Codes: 

    QR Code functionality since workers physically have to be onsite to start the job, same with finishing.


    The create system that would have powerful schedules in it- a) schedules for the actual job- when and how often it is done, b) schedules for tasks as not all tasks are done on the same visit, especially if it is more than once per week cleaning service.

    • We have more than 10 people and currently utilize an excel schedule for each of them. It is done one month is advance, they get paid monthly. It is done once they complete/ adjust their schedules.

    In the schedule all jobs have hours with a day total which includes travel time, then there is the summary for a week and then for a whole month.

    Formulas are used to compute totals; very important to have something similar so that we can see a one-on-one screen month ahead of schedule for any worker. It helps to plan their work and allocate the right amount of hours.

    We need to have an option of having been able to open a few of those schedules in one screen! Not open one- see how it looks, then close it, open another, edit it & etc

    • Say we have a customer with 5 visits per week but a full dusting of all surfaces is only done weekly- we then select what day it is done and worker notified when they login to the job that that task needs to be completed. or cleaning of blinds needs to be done monthly on the first Monday of a month.

    Google has a powerful calendar, it would be great to copy that into our schedule system.

    To make things “better” in terms of control- a task checklist should be done in a way so the tasks that need to be done first appear on their screen. Probably workers need to see the full list of them right after they start. Once they click task complete (say pick up rubbish) they should not be able to complete another task (say vacuuming) straight after the first task without any delay. Need to consider this point to add a delay before they can complete the next task?!

    Another tricky part is if one worker is away or sick how do we assign a different person to somebody else’s job – for good or for a short period of time. Without creating system errors.


    • Access to reporting module (who has privileges to access and who’s not
    • Some jobs need to have a strict START &/or FINISH time, close tracking was required for the personnel who do not follow protocols
    • Total hours worked by anyone for any period of time, include/ exclude travel time
    • Different workers have different pay rate; the rate could change for the same worker for a given period (say he worked on Sunday)
    • Selecting by the worker and only one of his customer, see all the hours he spent or that particular job (most workers do more than 3 different sites per day)

    Admin web site/ Dashboard

    • An option of customizing the dashboard is crucial, so that any user can adjust it to his needs.

    Team messaging

    • Message notifications (provision to send messages to anyone or within the whole team)
    • Message group creation (Creating message groups similar to WhatsApp & Viber with selected people)

    Client portal log in

    • Customer portal (Provisions the customer to see cleaning report, history of visits & etc)
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    Cleaning Star
    Cleaning Star

    <p>The proposed software solution is an end-to-end system embedding all the services offered to the client<br>with mobile app-enabled functionalities on a single platform.</p> <p>What was done:</p> <ul> <li>Extremely user-friendly UI and system</li> <li>Accurate location services with QR code implementation</li> <li>An accurate and powerful scheduling system<br>○ Task<br>○ Job <br></li> <li>Accurate and informative reports</li> <li>CRM considerations</li> <li>Audit trails</li> <li>Team communication</li> <li>Mobile App integration for all relevant workers</li> </ul>

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