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    IT Development


    ADEVI is more than just a tool. ADEVI is a state of the art AI-assisted app prototyping platform that produces source code, enabling designers and developers to expedite their digital products to the market, through cohesive collaboration. Developing a smart AI project manager is an ultimate goal of the platform.

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    Problem statement

    The success rate of IT projects nowadays is on a decline. The main factors causing the downfall of IT projects are budget overrun and the severity of heavy time consumption. Concerning two of the main factors, there are obvious reasons why they happen and they tend to be neglected by responsible individuals involving in small to medium scale projects.


    Fortunately for the relevant community, a solution is designed and developed by IntelligentProfitSolution, a team of experts with self patented technologies and professional artificial intelligence integration to assist users in their process of project development and prototyping. The solution is a project management and prototyping environment with integrated features that tackle three main communication problems, automate time-consuming SDLC tasks and provide an enhanced prototyping environment with AI assistance.

    Business analysis & storyboarding

    Adevi's team consist of experts not only in the field of technology but also in terms of industrious level enterprise scaled business analysis. In the pre-development stages, professional analysis led the team to design use cases that target functionalities that solve the main problem statement of the initial vision to develop Adevi's prototyping platform. Storyboards are designed and strictly followed during development with extreme prudence to provide an environment as user friendly as possible towards the general community. Thorough analysis and tests are relevantly executed to fully develop Adevi with maximum potential in providing its benefits to users.

    Business analysis & storyboarding
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    Proposed system overview

    • Artificial Intelligence Integration
    • Natural Processing Language Technology
    • Automation of SDLC processes
    • Computer Vision Technology
    • Code Importing (for technical roles)
    • Prototype Development
    • Talents hiring
    • Platform and technical guides
    • Various united tools internally on Adevi
    • Collaboration Tools
    • Project Management Tools
    • Communication Tools
    • Testing and deployment methods
    • Pricing options

    How is Adevi different from any other platforms on the market?

    • Integration of project management tools on the platform itself
      • Github repository management system
      • Trello integration on the platform itself
      • Slack chat integration(Allows roles distribution and configurations with different permissions)
      • Automation of project management task in a suggestive manner
      • Other project management tools integration to perform time tracking, payments to staff and timeline
    • Artificial Intelligence integration even in aspects you can never fathom
      • Automation of project management task
      • NLP technology to understand human language input to assist a user in their requirements
      • Computer Vision to analyse uploaded input that allows user to edit the input
      • Source code generation
    • User-friendly UI and at the same time maintaining its complex functionalities that promote great achievements in terms of needs
    • Professional talents available to be hired from Adevi to aid or enhance your project development
    • Supports extraction/importation in the form of the majority of the file type
    • Guide individuals who are not from the tech background to work on their ideas in the form of prototype

    How can Adevi boost your chance of successful project development?

    Reduce Cost and Time

    IPS consist of talents who have years of experience in the field of project management. One of the factors Adevi is designed to tackle is the reduction of total development cost and time. With Adevi's high-end automation technology, time consuming and expensive SDLC tasks are automated which reduces a significant amount of time and cost which promotes a higher chance of successful project development.

    A project development team can veer their focus towards more important matters instead of pushing a significant part of their effort towards tedious SDLC processes.

    Improved external and internal communications

    Adevi's CEO, as an experienced project manager, he noticed 3 different critical communication problem that happens in most project management.

    • External communication
      • Communication between clients and developers/managers
    • Internal communication
      • Communication between people who work or manages the project
    • Technology and tools communication
      • Communication between technology utilization that is normally caused by fragmentation of tools

    Adevi's concept promotes simplified output that can be easily understood by people who test the product without any technical background. It also has an integration of tools to aid developers or managers to communicate and gain feedbacks externally with maximum efficiency

    Adevi's top-tier team collaboration tools help developers, managers and designers communicate and contribute towards their project more effectively and efficiently. With Adevi's integration of apex collaboration tools and encrypted slack roles chatting services, relevant users can understand each other's contribution which leads to a proper understanding of the current state of the project

    Effective communication between utilisation of tools

    The majority of the tools used commonly by project managers, developers, designers or even managers are integrated all into a single platform, Adevi. With all tools integrated into a single platform, users will be less confused by not utilising tools in a fragmented manner, major inefficiency and poor cooperation and coordination between the tools they are using. This serves a big purpose towards successful project developments.

    Use Cases of Adevi

    Starting on Adevi, importing relevant files to start or even start on scratch

    Case 1User uploads screenshots or images of their desired webpages on to the platform to be processed by Computer Vision and provided in code
    • High-end AI technology feature that involves recognition of images from screenshots that builds pixel perfect templates for prototyping or user can even start by gathering element by element to build their prototype.
    • Users with lower design or no design capability can utilise this feature to start from any form of a webpage they like just by uploading on to the platform instead of building it from actual scratch.
    Case 2Commence typing what user requires in Human Language
    • Adevi's leading-edge AI technology includes Natural Language Processing(NLP) which leads the system to understand human language to process user inputs and analyse them to provide an advanced preview.
    Case 3Utilise Adevi's code importer feature for technical inputs
    • Web developers who wish to import their codes with a more technical approach can utilise the code importer feature that is more professional for an output to be further enhanced to be presented for their customers or seniors which leads to potential improvements on their work
    Case 4Adobe Photoshop files in layers, Adobe XD, Figma or your best suitable files
    • Photoshop or any other files which you deem suitable can be imported in layers to be processed into an editable preview which benefits designers who design on other adobe's platform and wish to include their work in Adevi's platform.

    Prototype editing or enhancement after uploading inputs

    Case 1Editor and screens editing
    • Uploaded screens can be further edited and enhanced with apex tools integrated on Adevi OR more screens can be added with the simple steps mentioned above which saves time and increase accuracy and pixel clearance on each screen
    Case 2Creation or enhancement of the uploaded product into an actual functioning prototype or a minimum viable product (MVP) for all sorts of testing
    • UX/UI roles or talents: re-design the input by adding new elements, moving existing elements, change borders, etc.
    • Branding roles: Decide and update on a logo, fonts, styles, colours to also guide actual product branding in the future.
    • Copywriter: Update all text content This phase is where the development of the prototype happens.

    This phase is where the development of the prototype happens.

    Depending on individual roles, they continue to contribute to the project through the team collaboration system integration on Adevi

    Case 1Export relevant code to a repository system(bitbucket etc) through internal integration on Adevi
    • Top Hierarchy users create the repository system with pre-set roles that gives permission or allow other developers below to suggest or create separate repositories for project contribution as per best practices in the industry. Repository system promotes a more systematic approach towards project development.
    • Changes can be done externally towards the repository for people who are not on Adevi but has technical skills that need to add their contribution on to the technical part of the project. (Add or change codes via the repository externally)
    Case 2Manage any ongoing project along with other workers on Trello BUT internally integrated onto Adevi to prevent fragmentation
    • The majority of the industry uses Trello to manage their projects as they are the best in the industry. The sublime software is integrated into Adevi helping users manage their project professionally without using them externally which might prevent confusion, inefficiency and time loss along the development journey.
    • Constant updates can be done on the internal integration of Trello on Adevi for all roles as to which part or contribution is responsible or done by who on the Timeline of Adevi's integrated Trello
    Case 3Hire different types of roles or talents from Adevi
    • A significant number of projects normally are short in technical talents for instance a designer. Projects can hire quality, experienced and inexpensive talents from Adevi itself to help in the process of your project development. With more or higher quality talents aiding your project development, it will lead to a higher rate of successful projects or better quality output.
    Case 4Invite and share the prototype with your selected or any group of audience
    • Your prototype can then be shared to selected or any group of audience you desire for feedback gathering to further improve your prototype which is a critical phase of any part of project development
    Case 5Automation of tedious project management tasks
    • Time-consuming and expensive project management tasks are automated in a suggestive manner adding them to the project management panel through approval of workflow by different roles

    Extra Features

    Case 1Guides for non-tech savvy individuals
    • Interactive prototype creation with guidelines and suggestions based on trained AI system to improve the user experience of any users including users without experience in the field
    Case 2Integration of more external tools for a better project development quality
    • Extra project management and resource tracking and planning tools that provide Timeline, Hours tracking similar and manages payments for each team members responsible for the project
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    More Cases


    <p><b>ADEVI Core functions and Opportunities:</b></p> <ul> <li>Create your prototype in 1 Hour (if you have all the necessary data)</li> <li>Rapid Prototyping without the need for a Tech Experience</li> <li>A single platform for all app prototyping process participants with extended collaboration tools</li> <li>Extended platform tools for different user types: creating and testing MVP during collaboration procedures, project management tools, Investor presentations creation etc.<br><br></li> </ul> <p><b>ADEVI Core features:</b></p> <ul> <li>Prototype high-fidelity apps fast</li> <li>Experience automated project management functions</li> <li>Collaborate and interact</li> <li>Allows for parallel development with instant visual testing and feedback</li> <li>Maintenance and use over the complete Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)<br><br></li> </ul> <p><b>PROTOTYPE APPS FAST:</b></p> <ul> <li>Intuitive tools and interactive system</li> <li>AI & ML backed</li> <li>Automates user experience<br><br></li> </ul> <p><b>DESIGN UI:</b></p> <ul> <li>Use ADEVI's tools to visualise your products' UX</li> <li>Export code and sync development with programmers<br><br></li></ul><p><b>COLLABORATE & INTERACT:</b></p><ul> <li>Share your prototypes to collaborate with the team and the client(s)</li> <li>Test the market and gather feedback early on</li> <li>Eliminate time-wasting back-and-forth communication<br><br></li> </ul> <p><b>AUTOMATE PROJECT MANAGEMENT:</b></p> <ul> <li>Onboard your dev team and stakeholders to a project & assign tasks</li> <li>A full overview of the project development in a single platform</li> <li>Create custom apps with project mgmt functions<br><br></li> </ul>

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    <p>Innovation and creation are the pride and soul of an artist/designer, they would not want to make something in favour of external sources but endear to their creation. </p><p>Restyler optimizes the designer's work process by removing all the routine from it, providing more opportunities for professorial creativity. Unlike other products, we focus specifically on creativity, removing the daily routine as much as possible from the processes of creating digital content.<br><br></p><p> </p><p><b>Project Core Functionality </b></p><p>All Restyler users have the following key features:</p> <ul> <li>Purchase the necessary templates and images on our marketplace.</li> <li>Edit purchased images in the built-in Editor in various image formats.</li> <li>Upload edited images in various formats to your devices, to social networks or print.</li> <li>Sell your digital works on our marketplace and earn money.</li> <li>Participate in the community of designers and just registered users: like the designers you like, write your opinions and comments, communicate with other users.<br><br></li> </ul> <p><b> Project Main Features</b></p><p>We enable our users to use the following professional-level but ease to use features for your endless creativity:</p> <ul> <li>Our branding algorithm allows you to select individual elements from different images and combine them into one new drawing.</li> <li>We have developed an excellent toolkit for creating Mash-Ups:</li> <li>You can collect various elements for your picture and completely change its plot.</li> <li>You can use both our ready-made images and add your elements.</li> <li>You will also be able to add elements to make your picture come to life.</li> <li>Our Image Presets Variation option allows you to create your unique design even before you start editing it. You do not need to waste time on the selection of traditional colour combinations - our AI will immediately offer them to you.</li> <li>Brandbook consideration processes and many more.</li> </ul>

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    Cleaning Star
    Cleaning Star

    <p>The proposed software solution is an end-to-end system embedding all the services offered to the client<br>with mobile app-enabled functionalities on a single platform.</p> <p>What was done:</p> <ul> <li>Extremely user-friendly UI and system</li> <li>Accurate location services with QR code implementation</li> <li>An accurate and powerful scheduling system<br>○ Task<br>○ Job <br></li> <li>Accurate and informative reports</li> <li>CRM considerations</li> <li>Audit trails</li> <li>Team communication</li> <li>Mobile App integration for all relevant workers</li> </ul>

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