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Facebook's SDK Login for Web and Mobile Applications

Facebook introduces a new login SDK for mobile application developers to integrate their software projects with social media.

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iDivertz Android Mobile App (Application)

When your cell phone battery goes dead, it's too late to forward your calls. With iDivertz Android Application for Mobile Devices that was designed and developed by IPS, you can set your phone to forward automatically to another when the battery is low.

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Innovations Daily - Website and Mobile App for iPhone & iPad Devices

Whether you are an investor, a researcher, a senior executive, or a media professional, Innovations Daily shows you where innovative trends are heading for both large firms and start-ups on a daily basis.

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Explosives Engineering

The Explosives Engineering iPhone / iPad mobile apps is easy to use Rock Mining Blast calculator that provides accurate and concise information and detailed reporting.

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CMT Mobile Apps for iPhone and Android

CMT Car is an Australian Company that enquired IPS to design and develop apps for Android and iPhone devices in Sydney.

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Savealife - Mobile Phone Applications for iOS and Android

Savealife is a mobile app or Android and iPhone devices that set the correct tempo to perform Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) using visual, audio and vibration cues.

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Salesaroundme - Web and Mobile Application for Android & iPhone

Salesaroundme is a free discount mobile phone application with a web interface that can help you get the best local deals, coupons, and sales.

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AACQA - Mobile Application for Android, iPhone, iPad devices

The Results and Processes Guide designed for assessors of residential aged care homes. It is used to assist them in identifying and considering results and methods for expected outcomes to assess compliance with the AACQA.

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Punters Club Mobile Application for iPhone & iPad

Are you tired of using a spreadsheet to run your punter's club? Now there is a straightforward and easy to use app that lets you run your punters club from a mobile device.

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Phone Booth – iPhone Mobile Application for iOS Devices

Phone Booth – Prank Call Your Friends iPhone app allows you to fake incoming calls on iPhone. Whether you need to get out of a long meeting or a wrong date, this mobile application will provide the interruption that you need to step away.

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