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Launching A Successful Business In The COVID Era

The coronavirus crisis caused many businesses across the globe to shutter their doors. But, it also brought opportunities for brave entrepreneurs looking to take control of their own financial destinies.

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Innovations Daily - An iOS app design & development including an web admin panel

Have an idea/project and don’t know where to start? Take a look at our Case Study for Innovations Daily. This is a project we finished in early 2015 for iOS.

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Idivertz - An android application UI and UX design and development

We identified a common problem. Many people have two phones. If the battery runs out on one of your phones, it’d be good to have the calls forwarded to your other device.

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SportsClapp - An iPhone mobile app development project with web admin panel

We have finished working on another sports project called SportsClapp – an exciting new way for sports fans to connect and cheer on their team.

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ClubQnect - SaaS software system with user interfaces designed and developed for web and mobile applications

This project is a perfect example of what can be done with the use of smartphones and various mobile devices, the right strategy, a well-planned budget, and determination.

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Web or Mobile Applications (Apps) - Server Request Optimisation

The Web or mobile applications that require the processing of big data load need special attention. Furthermore, just providing a well-structured server requests scheme for web or mobile apps to server database...

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Software & Apps Development Delivery Model: Project Management

Find the unique delivery model of IPS where a client deals with the same project manager for a lifetime of the software, the web or mobile app project without any change to take care of issues in a prompt and well-informed manner.

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IPS Designs and Develops Quality Web & Mobile Apps

For a productive business and satisfied client, IPS develops powerful and versatile tools based on budget (software in general from design to development, mobile and web applications design and development), needs and target market..

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Web and Mobile Applications Monetization Strategies for Start-Ups

Different web and mobile applications require different monetization strategies. Here at IPS, we can walk you through them and advice on the right choice.

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Careful Planning Saves Software, Web & Mobile App Development Costs

Careful planning ensures a less cost comparatively than just finding low-cost mobile phone application developer. A lot of business people will tell that making mistakes is very costly and sometimes takes a lot of time to fix.

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