SportsClapp is a fun way to cheer on your team with friends around the world. Now you can connect with other fans while you watch your favourite sport with a simple tap on your phone. This app allows you to send a short cheer to your friends that open with a short, audible sound. Whether you are getting ready for the game to start or cheering for a great play, SportsClapp lets you celebrate with friends.

SportsClapp is designed and developed by IPS - an Australian owned and operated company specialising in the development of a range of software solutions, including web and mobile software apps and database management systems.

Check actual clients review on our Facebook page. We are planning the next stage of development to design and implement additional functionality.

The aim of this project was to develop a socialising mobile app for sports fans - SportsClapp. This prototype software platform is designed for enabling and encouraging social connections between fans of the same sport via sending a “Clapp". These Clapps are received as an instant notification on the users' smartphone.
The software allows users to create a profile and register interest in multiple sports and specific teams and provides notifications of fellow users refined by interests and location.

SportsClapp mobile applications for iPhone and Android and web apps have the following features:

  • Integration with social media, including inviting friends on these platforms to join the app.
  • Paid push notifications and possible ads as early monetization. The app comes in a free and extensive functionality mode for US$0.99.
  • Encryption and security of personal user data.
  • Behavioural analytics and basic algorithms to identify target users for advertisements and special offers.
  • User interfaces with scalable capabilities and maintainable security settings.
  • The ability to detect errors and logging of non-recognisable communication.
  • An Admin panel with custom push notifications content to manage from, custom push notifications as Admin notifications, user management panel, and a Dashboard with a custom set of metrical indicators.
  • The client plans a Mobile app for Android device as the next stage of works.
Available on iPhone
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SportsClapp has the following benefits:

  • Unlimited:
    Send as many Clapps as you want to as many friends as you want.
  • Interfaces with Social Media:
    Find your friends on Facebook and Twitter and send a cheer.
  • Two-Way Communication:
    Reply to Clapps in your notifications.
  • Free Options:
    The free app lets you send unlimited Clapps for a single Sports Team.
  • Premium Options:
    Buy the unlocked premium app functionality and send cheers with as many Sports Teams as you like.

SportsClapp currently features the following sports:

  • Australian Rules Football (AFL)
  • Basketball (NBA)
  • Rugby League (NRL)
  • American Football/Gridiron (NFL)
  • Soccer/Football (National teams)

With more to be added!

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