Skillslive offers a unique blend of professional services combined with access to the latest learning technologies.

Skillslive learning specialists have extensive industry knowledge, access to the latest technologies, practical tools, powerful research capabilities and are innovative thinkers. Known for their commitment to achieving the highest standards of professional excellence. We have extensive experience as a trusted learning consultant and advisor throughout the Asia-Pacific Region. Assisting organisations of all sizes, locations and industry sectors. Specialising in learning management systems LMS, eLearning, instructional design, digital transformation, custom development, business process mapping, training and support.

How it works -

Skillslive work with organisations that entrust Skillslive to enhance their organisational learning culture and make their learning investments a success.

  • Corporate Learning Ecosystem Delivered through Mobile, On-Demand and Blended Learning (70:20:10) Objectives.
  • Scenario-Based Training and Assessment
  • Target the Learner
  • Capturing Learning Opportunities
  • Soft Skills in the Workplace
  • Learner Engagement

Benefits -

  • E-Learning & M-Learning using a flexible and scalable model to deliver content and assessments to students, managed by educators and supported by accessible administration functionality.
  • Educators and Students can arrange content and assessment to follow detailed learning pathways, providing a mobile needs-based experience, not one size fits all delivery.
  • Intelligent semantic and cognitive engines to provide suggestions for the next steps in learning, shared interests with people, opportunities for collaboration.
  • Detailed scheduling and event management, connecting Educators and Students.
  • Integrated social tools to encourage community involvement, build mentor relationships and accelerate collaboration.
  • Student and Educator history and reflection is provided in line with social interactions and completion of the content.
  • Supportive in process analytics presented to Student, Educator and Administration.
  • Support for the import and export of existing content and data.
  • Third-Party Integration with existing corporate business tools.
  • Dashboard & Reporting with extensive reach and drill-drill down capabilities for effective and efficient key performance indicator analysis.
  • Ability to operate while offline and sync data once an internet connection is re-established.
  • Skillslive whitepaper- Step By Step LMS Buyers Guide that helps you make the right choice for your organisation. Save time, money and energy sourcing the right LMS solution.
  • Skillslive Return On Investment Calculator LMS
  • Skillslive LMS Presentation Slidedeck - 'Your Pitch Perfect Presentation' gets the yes faster and the LMS you have always wanted.
  • Skillslive LMS Master Plan that Works Every Step Of The Way. A Trello Board that will help you get the yes.