Right on Course is a small to a medium-size company that provides Hi-Fliers Distribution services. The company was using Garmin wearable devices to monitor and record Distributors actual data for the jobs performed. It was a costly and cumbersome process as the company was purchasing Garmin wearables and providing them to their Walkers. The manager would then be required to transfer data from each wearable device to his desktop via cable. In order to source a better solution, the client contacted us and explained that he is using a 3rd party platform called mediatrack which was developed, marketed and maintained by Steven Davey from Pagination. We, from IPS, and the Client and Steven Davey met at his office in Geelong (VIC, Australia), and we were quick to establish a working process between the companies and the client.

The Right On Course apps was developed using the native framework to code both iPhone and Android to achieve the client's requirements:

  • Work in offline mode and sync data when connects back to the internet.
  • GPS tracking to be very accurate to show the Hi-Fliers Distributors walking both sides of streets and to show the actual walk to the mailboxes.

There was some other functionality required to be designed and executed to enable quality system operations:

  • We developed the backend database to feed data to the Media track system in the required format.
  • We designed and implemented APIs to establish the systems' connectivity.
  • We designed the app data feed to be displayed on the web application interface to show data within the management mediatrack portal.

Check actual clients review on our Facebook page. We are planning next stage of development to design and implement additional functionality.

The Mobile Apps can be accessed on


and, on


The Right On Course Map App is unique in the fact that any Map Boundary can be created and then sent to an iPhone application via a link distributed through email or SMS.

The recipient receives the link on the phone and presses the "Start" button. The Right On Course Mobile App starts tracking hi-fliers distributors walking routes within the boundary. When the hi-fliers distributor completes the job they just press the "Complete" button, and the information is fed back to the client's database for retrieval on the desktop via the Admin Management panel. The uniqueness of this App is that you can see at a glance if a whole area is completed successfully or not if some of the houses or streets have been missed or passed and at what speed the delivery took place.

The Right On Course Map Tracking Mobile App can be adapted to any industry that needs to track their employees or contractors when performing a delivery service within a set geographical area or to a specific home or business anywhere in the world.

The Right On Course Map App has been created primarily for the newspaper & catalogue industry. This Mobile App allows distribution companies to check if and when the job boundary area allocated to their Walkers have been performed correctly. This gives the distribution company the ability to confirm at a glance that the clients' advertising material has been delivered into their selected areas and in a timely manner. It also assures the Distribution Company that their Walker has completed the areas assigned to them within the designated period.

Our Right On Course mobile apps also have added features such as the ability to submit data upon the job completeness via the App (i.e. how many newspapers left, if there were not enough newspapers to cover the designated area, allows comments to be sent to the Administrator.). All this data along with the Walked Map can then be synced to the media track database so that it can be checked or automatically updated within their database.

The client has described the process from the point of view that he carries out his daily duties and then has his ideas on what areas of the business he wants to improve. We then analysed the information and provided basic high-level logic for the system that we can integrate with the existing Media track software.

The following steps are carried out on the desktop at Mediatrack.com.au by Hi-Fliers administrators-

  • Hi-Fliers administrators create maps of various distribution areas and draw boundaries and notes.
    The maps are created on .ASP [classic] pages using Google Map Drawing API's.
    The maps references, zoom factor, drawn objects, markers, etc. are stored in an Access database on the MediaTrack server.
  • Hi-Fliers administrators create distribution jobs for various clients. The jobs are stored in an Access database on the MediaTrack server.
  • When/as required, Hi-Fliers administrators use the Job Planner web application to allocate specific maps to a job and then also allocate specific Walkers to those areas.
    The Planner job system automatically sends out a notification email to the required Walker(s) informing them of the job and the required area(s). The email may contain several map areas, and for each zone, the email has two links. The first link takes Walker to a web page showing the area and the boundaries and notes so they can see just where they are required to walk and deliver the items. The links have embedded detail as to the job number and Walker number etc. for verification purposes.

We, at IPS, have analysed the required information and proposed the following solution to address the requirements:

The Walker should receive a job notification email as per existing system structure and work with the GPS tracking mobile app, as outlined below:

  • Start/Load the iPhone or Android Mobile App, which would load the area map and boundaries from the Media track site.
  • Allow the Walker to "START" walking to start tracing/mapping their movements.
  • Allow the Walker to "STOP/PAUSE" the tracing so that they can do one part of the map one day and then complete the walk at another time.
  • Allow the Walker to "Continue" or "Finalise" the walk.
  • If the Walker "Finalises" the walk, they would be taken to a screen that would allow them to fill in the quantity of items over or under and then submit the completed job.
  • The app would then store the GPS data points together with additional information into the system DataBase.
    The system Uploads/communicates the job number, Walker ID, Quantity Over/Under, Area GPS Points, Walkers Boundaries Geo Area to the MediaTrack/Hi-Fliers system, and then sends an email to the Hi-Fliers administrator alerting that the area has been completed.

When we receive your enquiry, we will email you an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) for your protection, and an account representative will contact you to discuss your project.

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