Innovation and creation is the pride and soul of an artist/designer, they would not want to make something in favour of external sources but endear to their creation.

The yield of pure art is not applicable to business owners as it is not digitized to be applied on business cards, web pages or even brochures. IPS came up with a solution that will benefit both parties of designers and buyers who need quality digitized art in their material.

Restyler is a global market community for digital element designers and artists. Restyler provides cutting edge advantages for creative individuals through integrated AI smart tools and features. Restyler allows designers to increase financial return from their creative products. Developing an AI branded algorithm is a cherry on the cake for the users providing an unprecedent product design capability.

Restyler is a community for creative, dynamic and ambitious people, who know ideas. Restyler has created a community for people with the vision and courage required to bring them to life. A place where you and thousands of others with similar mindsets can create and share, improve and extend, discuss and plan, and ultimately create again and again. Here, you can showcase and train your skills.

Restyler has developed technology that essentially allows users to combine the best aspects of current design approaches. 

Users start with a template, but there is a learning engine attached to it. The learning engine allows the user to do a couple of important things. First, they can manipulate images, but with the engine working out how to do much of the manipulation (in response to over-arching parameters set by the user). 

Second, users can propagate the “look and feel” of those manipulations through all (or some) of the images attached to the template. This allows the user to have branded content, but the branding is created by an overall feeling in the work, rather than just through the use of particular graphical elements (such as logos).

Restyler is designed purely to assist creative individuals to overcome challenges in the industry. An intelligent marketplace that helps designers to monetize creative products fast.

How it works:-

  • Upload Your Creative digital art products to Restyler - The platform supports a wide variety of formats with multiple product categories that keeps you in control.
  • Link Your Social Profiles - Upload as many products as you wish and be active within the community.
  • Promote Your Product - Restyler is integrated with a wide variety of social media platforms, enabling you to self-promote your creative products with potential buyers efficiently.
  • Monetize Your Products - Sell and receive funds instantly!

Restyler is designed purely to assist creative individuals to overcome challenges in the industry such as-

  • Creativity never goes unrewarded. Restyler helps you to get the recognition and exposure you need to find the success.
  • Modify products in seconds without losing art's concept, to unleash its full potential.
  • Provide more options to meet more buyer preferences when creating artwork.
  • Based on AI functionality, the smart rating is a tool designed to improve various graphic design aspects to get instant feedback.
  • Detects artwork color pallet - The designer can save hours on finding and adjusting color combinations by using this smart tool.
  • Peer review assists the designers to identify the proficiency level/skills required to become the best designer in the field.
  • Showcase and monetize artworks faster than other platforms.