Are you tired of using a spreadsheet to run your punter's club? Now there is a straightforward and easy to use app that lets you run your punters club from a mobile device. Punters Club allows you to invite a group of people to pool money together for betting on sports events, in turn, using this app. It's a great way to bet socially without spending too much of your hard-earned money all through the convenience of a mobile app. The app is designed and developed by IPS in Sydney, Australia.

The Punter's Club App - an Australian made Mobile Application for iPhone & iPad devices

Punter's Club does not hold your money; it does help you administer your club with the following features:

  • Invite members:
    Members will agree on how much to contribute each week, how much to bet, and how much if any to save.

  • Choose your betting agency:
    We have a list of several agencies to make it easy; some offer promotional deals.

  • Set basic rules:
    Decide what your group will bet on, minimum return before placing another bet, and budgets.

  • Monitor and track performance:
    Track Club betting performance, savings, and individual betting performance.

  • Send push notifications:
    Send members alerts on results or let them know when it is their turn.

  • Automate the betting turn rotation:
    Always know whose turn it is. Punters Club will keep track of the rotation according to your rules.

  • Communicate with each other:
    Laugh, cry, boast and heckle as you enjoy the results throughout the season.

Get the Punters Club iPhone mobile app from the App Store

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