ProFreightQuote is an ingenious one-stop solution that provides instant and competitive sea and air cargo quotes, as well as offering superior additional tools for logistic professionals, shippers and forwarders. ProFreightQuote is a free service to both customers and freight service providers.

We have also connected FedEx, UPS, AustPost APIs services to provide instant quotes comparison and this will be expanded to much more worldwide freight and logistic companies. You can choose to send Container loads – FCL (Full Container LCL (Less than Container Load).

ProFreightQuote was designed and developed by Intelligent Profit Solutions and is built on a web platform optimised for mobile devices, as well as an additional intuitive PhoneGap Android and iOS applications complete with push notifications to enable easier communication practically from anywhere and on the go.
How it works:
  • Complete a single form to enquire for the goods you would like to ship, relocate or deliver;
  • Receive bids from freight companies and forwarders that are custom picked to match your preferences;
  • Accept the best offer from the provided quote received via an email or as a push notification via Android or iOS apps. You may also choose to create the account and manage all the quotes from the own customised portal;
  • Once you chose the preferable shipping or air freight provider, you can send your goods

Pro Freight Quote features real time quotes from multiple service providers from specified geographical regions. Quotes can be filtered by price or transit times to ensure you get the best possible service for money. It even allows you to start making deals with your favoured forwarder, courier or shipping line!

Available now
iOS and Andriod Apps are available soon!

We have designed and built the ProFreightQuote web platform for the client with the advanced tools that provide International Logistics Professionals and Clients who seek to compare the Sea and Air Cargo quotes in an easy and straight forward manner:
  • We have developed a simple volumetric calculator (IATA) for quick volumetric weight conversion for smaller shipments, as well a more comprehensive version for larger loads which require multiple complex parameters;
  • We have also built in a detailed reference feature of specific container specifications for both sea and air versions to determine the right shipping container size for the cargo;
  • Our sophisticated incoterms options are presented and evaluated to determine which terms are applicable to specific commercial arrangements;
  • Our development team have built-in real-time ocean schedules, consisting of a comprehensive global ocean schedule list for multiple destinations;
  • We have included useful references to customs and quarantine regulations that may apply to various shipments;
  • Another handy feature we have included in our ProFreqightQuote project is the ability to easily reference Tariff Classification of Goods (AHECC) to classify cargo correctly for customs purposes, as well as a customs duty rates and calculator to determine whether goods are dutiable and applicable tariff rate;
  • We have developed a customised tracking solution for shipments;
  • We even have a comprehensive in-built document template resource for rules and documents.

If you have a project that you would like to discuss with us, please contact us for a FREE QUOTE on 1300 343 563 or simply use the contact form.

When we receive your enquiry, we will email you an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) for your protection, and an account representative will contact you to discuss your project.