Easily create and maintain your CV infographic with our new easy to use PinUpp application made for iPhone and Android. Our unique application allows you to present the key features of your work history in an easy to navigate and intuitive interface, giving you a definitive advantage over the competition.

By simply selecting the share/sharing option, you can generate and email your CV infographic to a prospective employer in an instant. And, being forefront in superior design, it doesn’t take long for your potential employer to locate the relevant information – a factor that busy employers can appreciate when dealing with a mass of applications and other demands on their precious time.

PinUpp is the smart cool resume for the new revolution. Whether you are applying for a job, looking for your next gig or just want to create a snapshot of yourself, simply generate a PinUpp and share.You know you are smart & really good at what you do, so show it the way you want, with an impressive PinUpp.

Intelligent Profit Solutions Media Pty Limited is an Australian owned and operated company specialising in the development of a range of software solutions, including web and mobile software apps and database management systems.

The aim of this project was the development of a natively coded mobile app for Android and iOS supported devices. The client chose to utilize the parse as the backend and subsequently chose to migrate to back4app The app integrated with the Social Media Logins (LinkedIn and Facebook) to enable easy registration and pre-fill users profile based on the data sourced from social media account.

PinUpp synchronises easily between the iPhone and Android platforms.

When we finished the client’s pre-launch requirements list, our client planned an initial marketing campaign to obtain actual market feedback. While this market research is taking place, we were asked to plan further works for Stage 2.

As PinUpp allows users to create multiple profiles and share the infographics CV profiles. We have proposed that the mobile app may also be found useful for sports-people to maintain the professional profile as additional to a LinkedIn detailed profile with a deep focus on the social aspects within the business community. PinUpp mobile app users may be actors, guitarists, athletes or more. In fact, PinuUpp has the ability to create an infographic or anything that you may wish to present. You can express an abundance of relevant information in a quick single page infographic style. Simply choose templates that best express your profile information.

The key functional requirements of the PinUpp app project:

  • Integration with social media, including the capability of inviting friends on these platforms to join app. Connect 3rd Party backend and then migrate to another preferable provider. The paid push notifications and possible ads as early monetisation. The app comes in free and extensive functionality mode for US$0.99;
  • Encryption and security of user personal data;
  • User-Interface with scalable capabilities and maintainable security settings;
  • The capability of detecting errors and logging of non-recognisable communication.

How it works -

Move to the New Revolution. Be a part of the new "Gig Economy" with a new look profile.

  • Show what matters: Less is more, show what actually matters and make it count with a PinUpp.
  • Simple is good: We like simple too and PinUpp is as simple as it gets. Try it, its easy and free.
  • Customize Everything: Change logos, change titles and create multiple profiles for different gigs.
  • Lead with a PinUpp: Make a good first impression with a smart cool profile. Showcase your brand.

Additional features:

  • Create up to 5 PinUpp profiles per job applications for yourself, or perhaps help out friends and younger family members by creating a simple PinUpp profile for their summer job.
  • Change titles, logos and share your cool PinUpp profile on social media and get the word out there.
  • Create PinUpps on the go! Need to send out a spur of the moment snapshot of your experience for a job application or networking opportunity? Just send a PinUpp.
  • Are you captain a sports team? Create a PinUpp profile for your team to provide a snapshot of your team members.
  • Dropping off your child in daycare? Prepare a PinUpp profile that provides a snapshot of what your kid likes, emergency contact details, favourite cartoon characters, their favourite bedtime stories … the applications are endless!

Download PinUpp and start generating your infographic profiles and share it across your social networks. The new exciting revolution for showcasing your skills is here.

Available on iPhone
And on Android

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