Opyl is a new generation company that provides leading biopharma and health organisations access to emerging AI-assisted technologies and professional guidance to understand and improve healthcare design, development and delivery. Opyl has launched a project named Opin. Opin is a clinical trial matchmaking platform for clinical trials.

Opin is a global web-based platform that gives patients and healthy volunteers easy access to the world’s leading medical research studies and clinical trials and more control over their healthcare journey.

How it works:

Opin hosts a database of every active registered clinical trial and research study in the world. With a small amount of information about you, opin can match you with trials looking for participants near where you live or work, and within the medical condition that you are interested in. If you would like to proceed and participate in a clinical trial and research study opin can help you through the enrollment process.

  • You can delete your profile and data at any time. (view our privacy policy).
  • Whenever new trials are opened up and start looking for patients, we automatically check them to see if you are a match and then send you an alert, keeping you up to date with research.
  • You can also save your search to your profile as well as share it with your family, carers or friends. Learning about clinical trials and research studies, what’s involved and if there is one right for you is the first step.


  • A global database of every active clinical trial and research study in the world
  • Free of charge, the process to apply online is simple and secure
  • Ability to search by medical condition and trial location
  • Patients and volunteers are matched to trials and studies
  • Updates sent to you as new studies and trials open up
  • Save or share your search with family and friends