MyIntegra is an experienced and friendly NDIS Plan Management and Support Coordination provider. We’re ready to discuss your goals, offer guidance, and help you live the life you want.

MyIntegra is an independent provider of Plan Management and Support Coordination services across Australia, fully dedicated to helping people with disabilities navigate the NDIS. We put you at the centre of everything we do; tailoring and adapting our services to suit your changing needs, helping you to live life on your terms.

How it works -

Not sure how to get started with plan management and support coordination or want to know what happens next? MyIntegra steps you through the process of signing up and working with MyIntegra, so you can get control of your NDIS plan and maximise it today.

  • Sign Up - Signing up with MyIntegra to manage your NDIS funds is easy. You can either complete our online sign up form or call our friendly Customer Service team to help you through the process.
  • Service Agreement - MyIntegra will send you a copy of the Service Agreement for you to review and agree to. This document talks about how to work together.
  • After sign up and accept the Service Agreement, you can use MyIntegra's portal where you can start managing your budget. Integra's portal provides you with the tools to easily manage your plan and your supports.
  • Get your plan budget and providers set up
  • Sending invoices - For the fastest payment times, your provider can submit invoices directly through the MyIntegra portal.
  • Invoice approval - You can choose to opt-out of standing approval on an individual provider basis, so you can review and approve or reject their invoices yourself.
  • Stay on top of your budget - If you would like to access your budget information at any time, you can log in to the MyIntegra portal.
  • For support coordination - Starting the process with MyIntegra support coordination is easy. Get in touch, get to know each other, accept service agreement and schedule meeting.

Benefits -

  • MyIntegra plan management puts you in control of your NDIS plan, providing an effortless way to pay your invoices on time and keep track of your budget and spending.
  • MyIntegra support coordination helps you to activate your NDIS plan and achieve your individual goals