MudMate and MudMate Pro – with extended sophisticated functionality that involves highly complex algorithms. This app centres around a single complex algorithm that users can interact with to provide quick, reliable information for the drilling fluid industry. On-site personnel/engineers can utilise the functionality of Mud Mate for iPhone - and much more on MudMate Pro for iPad, which utilises the bigger User Interface and allow better usability. The Mud Mate app aims to enable quick calculations optimised for touch screens for users whose activities or professions involve drilling fluids. Drilling fluids are used to facilitate drilling boreholes.
This project utilises very sophisticated algorithms that have to be designed, tested and implemented to provide the intended results. The company aims to reduce the complex data requirements and opportunities for human error inherent to drilling fluids calculations.

Mud Mate iPhone and iPad Mobile Apps have six primary functions for drilling fluids calculations:
  • Mud Weights
  • Non-Aqueous Fluid
  • Pumps and Volumes
  • Brine Builder
  • Mud Builder
  • Handy Tools

These features enable instant calculations dependent on the user's input, showing immediate results with the added choice of units. Each of the prototype functions would need to exhibit a high level of usability.

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And, MudMate Pro for 


Other platforms will be developed subsequently the iOS apps the required level of usability will be achieved and this considered for the 2nd Stage after we have built and tested sophisticated core system algorithms.

MudMate Pro is designed for iPad devices and includes more advanced functionality.
The client wanted to enable the user to perform quick calculations optimised for touchscreens for personnel involved in Drilling Fluids

The MudMate iPhone and iPad Apps main functions are described below:
  • Mud Weights: Weight up, Resultant Weight, Mixing Fluids screens.
  • NAF (Non-Aqueous Fluid) Calculator: Data Entry and Adjustment screens.
  • Pumps and Volumes: The arrows are indicating the direction of the drilling Mud. This function (Pumps and volumes) will let the user know the amount and speed at which the mud is pumped. We have enabled a user to enter data easier than typing numbers and designed a graphical depiction of the well. The arrows are indicating the direction of the drilling Mud. This function (Pumps and volumes) will let the user know the amount and speed at which that mud is pumped.

There are two scenarios for pumps and volumes regarding the graphical interface that includes:
Offshore, i.e., on water
Onshore, i.e., on land

If the user picks a riser length, then the scenario is for offshore; if no riser length selected and the riser length is zero, then the scenario indicates onshore, i.e., on land.

The process for the engineers is to drill a hole in the ground. They start with a big hole and then run metal tubing in the ground to keep the hole open and then drill a smaller hole, and run a thinner metal tube in the hole and so on until they reach the final depth. It looks like an extendable telescope in reverse. All the information that is needed is just diameters and lengths to determine the area of volume in a circle and then extended to a tube.

Watch the following YouTube Videos to learn more:

A Visual Presentation of How We Drill for Oil
Running Casing

  • Brine Builder: This feature includes the sliders and data output.
    We thought of the best way to present the data on the various salts the engineers use to be the most useful to the tech person in the field.
    Brine Builder: the user can choose the Brine and see the corresponding properties. This was one of the easier functions to develop, and we carefully chose the user experience as the filter option for the provided data.
  • Mud Builder: Includes Building NAF and WBM (Water Based Mud).
    Mud Builder is a two-screens display function based on Basic Mix for Water-based Mud and expanded Basic Mix for Oil-based (Non-aqueous) Mud functionality.
  • The Various screen: includes other calculations from Mud Calc incorporating sliders where possible to fit the theme and ease of use of the app.

This app is not meant to be a laptop/desktop replacement. The ethos is a professional easy to use, aesthetically pleasing program that enables reasonably accurate "back of the napkin" calculations. The user should be able to get quick answers and perform what-if scenarios, not having to populate data by manually entering numbers.


The Picture illustrates a floating offshore rig. Water (the blue section) Riser Which is the pipe between the rig and the seabed and then casing and the open hole which is the yellow part in the brown layers (earth) 4. beneath the sea. Riser depth and graphical implementation same as sea depth.


This Picture illustrates a land rig that has no riser.
This pic although in a 3D format, shows the derrick sitting directly on top of the earth with the casing (a pipe to keep the hole open) showing the inside which has a drill pipe and the bit revealed.

Further App development stages:

  • Improve UX and design custom widgets;
  • Graphics for visual data interpretation;
  • Help or hint buttons to help the user explain the functions and tech background.

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