Whether you are an investor, a researcher, a senior executive, or a media professional, Innovations Daily shows you where innovative trends are heading for both large firms and start-ups on a daily basis. Wake up to the latest news about innovations in various industry sectors from all over the world. The app allows you to customise your reading experience according to categories, sub-categories, country of origin and year of foundation (for start-ups).

Innovations Daily mobile phone applications and the mobile-friendly website are designed and developed by IPS in the Melbourne office, Australia, in partnership with IE Trends, Australia. The application for iPhone and iPad mobile devices is free and the content provided by IE Trends on a regular basis.

Visit the website for more information at www.innovationsdaily.com.
Innovations Daily iPhone and iPad applications including the website are competing with organisations that provide services starting from news like Bloomberg News, and startups digest to other content providers in similar space. However, the difference that the Innovations Daily Organisation pursue is to provide timely, concise, relevant information to users what led us to implement the following features for the first Innovations Daily iPhone & iPad mobile app.

The Innovations Daily app has everything a busy reader needs:

iOS Mobile Application for iPhone & iPad - can be accessed here

  • Multiple log in methods:
    Use LinkedIn, Facebook, or your regular email address if you are not a social media user
  • Customizable reading list:
    Choose your daily reading list for the appropriate content based on industries, sub-industries and countries.
  • Adjustable screen:
    On the article full screen, you can adjust the font size and background colours for the whole app.
  • Voice over:
    Listen to the audio version of the article with the voice-over option.
  • Push Notifications:
    Receive alerts about new articles when they are posted.
  • Read later folder:
    Choose articles to save and read at a later time.
  • Personal library:
    Save valuable publications in your library to retrieve at any time.
  • Suggested articles:
    Get suggestions on other papers based on your preferences.
  • Article sharing:
    Share articles across social media.
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