When your cell phone battery goes dead, it's too late to forward your calls. With iDivertz Android Application for Mobile Devices (phones) that was designed and developed by IPS in Melbourne, Australia, you can set your phone to forward automatically to another when the battery is low. Never miss an important phone call again. Simply set up the level of the battery when your phone should be diverted and iDivertz will do the rest… always.

You can read the software project development process executed by IPS in our Case Study, and learn the necessary steps and methods to improve the certainty of your new app or software idea that will be required to develop.

iDivertz Mobile App for Android Devices has the following features:

  • Customisable battery level:
    Set the battery level that will trigger the call forwarding.

  • Automatic Notifications:
    Set notifications to remind you that the battery is low, and your phone will be forwarded to another number soon.

  • Easy to set:
    A single tap diverts all calls.

  • User-friendly:
    Easy and intuitive navigation through the app on a single screen.

  • In-app support:
    Help menu available for more information.

  • Backup phone list:
    Save a list of the different numbers for call diversion for quick forwarding.

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