The Explosives Engineering iPhone / iPad mobile apps is easy to use Rock Mining Blast calculator that provides accurate and concise information and detailed reporting. The App has been designed and developed by IPS, one of Australia's premier Mobile Phone Applications Developers and web developers in Sydney, Australia.

How this Sydney based app development achieved positive outcomes

The calculator ensures safe, consistent and definite loading practices. The App helps to calculate the correct amount of explosives combinations and has an integrated reporting system to report back to the Admin office email in the form of PDF reports. The app is fully customizable and allows performing quick, reliable calculations.

Explosives Engineering iPhone / iPad App Developed in Sydney and has the following features:

  • Flexible use:
    This application is designed to be inclusive for all levels of mine blasting, from ground crew through to operators and shot firers.

  • Intuitive Design:
    This calculator has been engineered for both simplicity and adaptability. It will support all of your explosive product requirements.

  • Customisable blasting calculator:
    The calculator is programmable for four product types with stemming and hole-depth incorporated.

  • Load reporting feature:
    Detailed emails can be sent straight from your mobile device for quick and easy reporting.

  • Operational interface:
    Profile, Common, Convertor and Rename features allow the user to integrate this app into your company's work practices and operational guidelines. Our Sydney office coordinated web development to achieve these goals.

  • Safety App:
    The app provides precise information for product loading and can adapt to your requirements and blasting activities.
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