Intelligent Profit Solutions proposed an end-to-end system embedding all the requirements client expected, offering web portal, CRM module & mobile enabled functionalities in one platform.

Intelligent Profit Solutions has taken a holistic approach when developing a solution. Cleaning start, A professional cleaning services company that specialises in commercial, domestic and office cleaning. The proposed system is an end-to-end system embedding all the services the client offers while mobile-enabled functionalities in one platform.

Easy, Fast & Reliable, The system should be easy to understand and straightforward so that anyone can use it without spending too much time to learn it.

  • The system that would have powerful schedules in it
  • Access to reporting module (who has privileges to access and who’s not
  • We need to inspect all of the jobs and as we grow we forget when and who we inspected last month. Plus, was there any issues at inspection.
  • An option of customizing the dashboard is crucial so that any user can adjust it to his needs.

At Intelligent Profit Solutions, we take requirement gathering and analysis very seriously. During this stage, we define all the possible parameters using a storyboard and use cases. Our goal at this point is to achieve is to identify every functionality and workflow with possible outcomes. This is done by having each screen defined with all the elements of a sustainable workflow