The success rate of IT projects nowadays is on a decline. The main factors causing the downfall of IT projects are budget overruns and the severity of heavy time consumption.

The project budget grows significantly due to unproductive time overruns. A significant part of the time is lost in the process of preparing and approving the project, as well as in the process of its implementation due to the lack of coordination in the interaction of all project participants. 

Intelligent Profit Solution, using artificial intelligence technologies, has developed a solution that is a project management and prototyping environment with integrated functions that solve the main problems of communication between participants and automate time-consuming SDLC tasks.

ADEVI is more than just a tool. ADEVI is a state of the art AI-assisted app prototyping platform that produces source code, enabling designers and developers to expedite their digital products to the market, through cohesive collaboration. Developing a smart AI project manager is the ultimate goal of the platform.

ADEVI, An AI-assisted rapid application prototyping tool with source code generation and user collaboration. A platform to address the global problem of fragmented SDLC with User Experience design. Bringing together all elements of the app prototyping process in a single solution. 

How is ADEVI ™ different from any other platforms on the market?

  • Integration of many task management tools from existing softwares (GitHub, Trello, Slack etc.) on the platform
  • Automation of project task in a suggestive manner with most important project management tools: timeline, task management, time tracking, budget controls, payments to staff etc.
  • NLP technology to understand human language input to assist a user in their requirements
  • Computer Vision to analyse uploaded input that allows user to edit the input.
  • User-friendly UI and at the same time maintaining its complex functionalities that promote great achievements in terms of needs
  • Supports extraction/import as most file types
  • Using the ADEVI platform, you can assemble and hire a team of professionals to help or improve the development of your project.

ADEVI automates multiple areas of the Software Development Cycle (SDLC) so you can focus on staying creative and achieving results. The AI assistant works with the following simple user process-

  • Input inspiration, design and documents
  • Virtualise - processing & generating preview
  • Customise - adjust & modify designs
  • Prototyping & source code generation
  • Test, validate, share or purchase

Benefits :-

  • Reduce Time (With Adevi's high-end automation technology, time consuming and expensive SDLC tasks are automated which reduces a significant amount of time)
  • Improved external and internal communications (Adevi's concept promotes simplified output that can be easily understood by people who test the product without any technical background. It also has an integration of tools to aid developers or managers to communicate and gain feedbacks externally with maximum efficiency
  • Effective communication between tools in their using process and as a result Reduce Costs (Reducing the development time using ADEVI does not lead to a deterioration in quality and therefore significantly reduces your costs.)

Achievements :-

  • Adevi brings the business idea to life, save time, money and expedite time to market while enjoying hassle-free communication throughout the prototyping phase.
  • ADEVI allows UI/UX designers and front-end developers of all experience levels to craft elegant user-interface designs and generate source code with a fraction of time.
  • Entrepreneurs & non-technical professionals can communicate their vision to technicians in a precise form and can easily develop a full prototype without expertise in programming.
  • Digital agencies & software development companies can cover more scope, focus on creative ideas and offer extraordinary service to their clients, with the help of the ADEVI AI Assistant.