Different web and mobile applications require different monetization strategies. Here at IPS, we can walk you through them and advice on the right choice.

The monetization strategies for the web and mobile applications startups ranges from fair pay per content or download to combination of providing free content/functionality balanced with the paid content/functionality.

Sometimes free web and mobile applications (versions) are contributed with the in-app advertisement. There are a lot of various providers including iAds provided by Apple to include for iOS and Android developers (iPhone, iPad).

There are numerous combinations of the above strategies including other not mentioned here. The right monetization strategy for web and mobile application start-ups has to be thought properly to correspond accurately to a startup product to deliver results. In most cases, the strategy has to be adjusted to the life of a startup.

The monetization strategy for web and mobile application startup projects has to be supplemented with the custom admin panel to manage the system and users. The system management must include a development of custom indicators to enable the system manager to make decisions in quick and informative manner. At IPS we develop web admin panels with specifically designed system management tools to most of our midsize and large projects. They all are custom built, and we can connect them to CRM and other third-party software. You can read more here on our Mobile App Data Management services and past work examples.

Read more about our experience on designing the monetisation strategies for the web and mobile app projects.

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