Paper on Mental Health - started writing after attending the meeting on 15th of October 2016 at The Royal Children’s Hospital in Parkville, VIC. November 13, 2016

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Personal philosophy towards the work that I do is that it is a hobby that I am deeply passionate about
rather than an obligation that I must complete each day in order to make a living. While I believe that the
human condition dictates that we must work to survive, I strongly believe that that work should be based on smart and efficient principles – continuously striving to improve approaches that allow us to deal with any complexity of tasks with greater proficiency, as well as standardising the procedures for routine tasks. There are so many non-monetary benefits coming from this approach of work ethic. There are the intrinsic self-fulfilment and personal growth accomplishing a growing portfolio of personal achievements, as well as the positive external recognition that boosts our personal feeling of self-worth and motivates us to accomplish even more! I believe that an active and productive life is the key to personal satisfaction and happiness.
Hardships and difficulties along the way are not always setbacks, but are in fact part of the ‘game' and allow
us to break through personal limitation and push through them to achieve the next level.
- In most cases, it's not important what you do, but how you do any of the daily tasks you face. If your
attitude and approach are proper then it will bring you to do what you have to do eventually!
- To achieve efficiency lies within the organisation of daily tasks and information (including at the personal
level) and, therefore, leads to quality of the outcome for the performed tasks, at least, because there is more
productive time at person’s (organisation’s) disposal to perform QA.
- Mean what you say, and do what you say!
- The truth is the simple things on a surface, but that can be deeply thought out in a complex manner and can be considered to be "consciously understood".
- My true desires coincide with my beliefs that are supported by the logical formulations and therefore do not contradict to each other.