Find the unique delivery model of IPS where a client deals with the same project manager for a lifetime of the software, the web or mobile app project without any change to take care of issues in a prompt and well-informed manner.
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Your web and mobile app development project starts with business planning and strategy. Before a single line of code is written, our pre-project services will help you analyse the market, minimise risks and develop correct strategies. We customise our work for each client and develop a plan for a thriving business. To provide best customer service for software development and to make our Project Managers accountable we appoint a single project manager for the lifetime of your project. This way one person is aware of all the discussed information from day one and client doesn't need to repeat the same information, but rather to continue to discuss important project development aspects (i.e. functionality and its execution, business rules, workflow, etc.) The single project manager is the one who collects and organises all information for the project and makes it accessible to all software development team members.

Such strategy proved to be successful and very efficient in software development company as a significant number of enquiries comes on a daily basis, as well as, a company usually carries about 10+ medium size projects at a single time.

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