Going mobile has been the trend since the inception of sleek, functional and Internet-capable cellular phones - smartphones and mobile apps that have been introduced by Apple for iPhone, iPad, or Google for Android devices. For the past ten years, both huge corporations and booming small-to-medium enterprises have been embracing the fruits of mobile technology and the Information Superhighway. Broadband internet plans are not only utilised by PC and laptop-dependent business folks but also those who own a glistening smartphone / mobile device.

What's not to love about that tiny mobile gadget, anyway?

Aside from general communication, it allows us to surf the internet. It immediately opens us to a plethora of cyberspace-related opportunities. With just a tap of a finger, we can browse information, post relevant updates on social networking sites, send emails, post notes and share multimedia. Well, the mentioned in the previous sentence does not even summarise all the capabilities of a smartphone.

When it comes to businesses, this personal mobile phone has forever changed the way people do marketing. Why is that so?

Let's just say smartphones and the internet keep people closer together no matter what the time zone is. It sure is an excellent time for gadget-savvy entrepreneurs because of this brilliant handheld technology.

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