How to Research Your Mobile App Idea and where to start before the development

Learn how to research your mobile app idea to find out if your idea is original and if there is a market for it. You are excited about your new app idea. What next?
The next step is to do some research. You want to make sure that your app idea doesn't already exist, and you also want to find out if there is a market willing to buy it.

Here are a few ways to begin your research for your mobile phone app idea:

Google it!

Does this sound too simple? That's the idea – you want to start with the most prominent place. Why don't you dig through niche sites first to find out if there is a similar and very popular app that has been written about extensively? Start with Google to eliminate the low-hanging fruit.

Search the AppStore and Android Google Play Marketplace.

The next step is to explore actual app market. Start by making a list of keywords that explain what your app will do. Then go through the list and add synonyms and related words. Spend time searching through the app market to see what is there.

If you find something similar, this is a great place to read customer feedback to see if there is a gap that needs you can fill with a professional team of software and app developers. Are customers complaining about a need for a function that you can provide?

Find out if there is an idea "in the works."

Just because your mobile app idea wasn't in the AppStore doesn't mean it isn't in the works. You can research "coming soon" apps on sites like Another great place to look is, where you can find press releases about new and upcoming apps.

Check directories and review sites.

These sites will often rank top apps as well. In this stage, you can start getting a feel for the market and what people like; this will help you tweak your idea. Read reviews at See what apps are getting votes at offers a feed of blog articles reviewing "the best apps for" certain niches such as seasons and holidays. ranks the top apps by category.

Finally, look at the analytics. gives detailed analytics about existing apps. You can segment the data by country, or you can look at a Top 5 Matrix for different categories. If you have decided to pursue your idea, time spent on the details can keep you from making mistakes.

If you take the time to research your app idea now, you can prevent wasted money in the long run. Even if you find that your idea is original, time spent learning your customers, and the market will help you get it right the first time.

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