What analytics are available for your mobile application for iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.?

Find out what analytic tools are available and what they measure.

Once your mobile application is on the market, whether it is for iPhone, iPad, Android, etc., you will probably want a way to measure how it is performing. Here are some analytics that is available for your mobile application.

Analytics that Measure Sales Performance for Mobile Applications

Some analytic sites focus on sales performance. They measure sales, revenue, rankings, and customer reviews. In short, they measure the results that your app achieves. These analytic sites usually include a daily email with a summary of the previous day's figures. Some allow you to track multiple mobile applications on one page, and to break revenue down into iAd clicks vs. in-app purchases.
Two great sites that will help you measure sales performance are AppAnnie and AppFigures.

Analytics that Measure Consumer Behaviour for Mobile Applications

Other analytic sites help you better understand your customer.

These sites answer questions such as:

  • Where do my clients come from (traffic sources)?
  • How long do people stay on my app?
  • What path do they follow once they enter?

Consumer behaviour analytics also track new users and downloads by country, device, and OS version. Some will let you set conversion goals other than sales (like a click on an ad) and track performance to that goal.

Google Analytics is a very accurate tool for consumer behaviour. Flurry and Localytics offer similar products. Appclix provides a comprehensive tool that combines detailed data on sales performance and customer response.

Analytics That Measure User Experience

Heatmap.me is a unique analytic tool that measures the user experience for your mobile application. It offers heat maps that show touches, gestures, and device interaction on your screen. This tool can answer questions that will help improve your app interface, including:

  • Do users rotate the device, looking for more information?
  • Do they shake the device because the app is too slow?
  • Do they try to pinch on pictures or text to enlarge?
  • Do they swipe or scroll with two fingers, trying to get more speed?

If you know how your users are interacting with your mobile application, you can find the issues that are hard for you to get any other ways.

Mobile Phone Applications that measure technical performance

Finally, you might want to measure the technical performance of your mobile application. Is it crashing often? Are there technical bugs and issues that are hindering its performance?

Crashlytics can monitor this for you and provide useful information. This tool tracks the number of issues, number of crashes, and the most important number of all: how many users it affected.

The Crashlytics report provides information in total numbers and in a graph that shows issues over a particular period. The best feature of this tool is that it analyses all of your issues, finds the source, and lets you know which problems are the most important to fix first.

Measurement is essential to the success of any new product, and it is especially important for mobile applications. These analytic tools can provide useful information that will help you meet your customers' needs and improve their experience with your mobile application.

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