Packaging is an interesting area to work in, with many different ideas on the best way to present similar market goods as a completely new product that consumers just can’t live without.

We are currently working on a packaging design concept for our overseas client based in Far East Russia. They require us to be creative — possibly utilising a minimalistic approach or 3D effect artwork — or any other approach we feel suitable to achieve this objective.

Our initial research into similar campaigns have led us to Gibbs who has done great work with categorising various packaging design styles into six main types:
  • Luxe: «Luxurious, elegant, lavish, opulent and refined. Packaging that demands a premium.»
  • Bold: «Bright, colourful, and eye-catching. Packaging design that stands out and makes a statement.»
  • Charming: «Playful, fun, clever, and cheerful. Packaging that makes you smile.»
  • Casual: «Practical and straightforward. Packaging that you see in everyday life.»
  • Nostalgic: «Vintage, classic, retro, antique, old-fashioned, and reminiscent. Packaging that reminds you of another time.»
  • Crisp: «Clean, contemporary, geometric, simple. sleek, stylish, tidy. This section is about packaging that really lives up to the old adage ‘less is more.'»

Dobryna (Добрыня) is an established company that produces a large range of fresh dried meat and features flavours such as cow, lamb, pork, turkey, chicken, horse and deer.

As part of our collaboration with them, we are also required to prepare the packaging artwork for both Russian and English Languages.

Dobrynya identifies themselves as a Premium product range that pays attention to the quality of the ingredients used. They also distinguish themselves as an ‘honest’ producer – meaning they don’t want to utilise obtuse marketing schemes misrepresenting the quantity of their product in the package. Dobrynya is proud that their portion sizes are genuinely larger when compared to the other competitor products.

Current packaging design used by the client that we have to improve:

The main characteristics of the package used for the intermediate design used on the package are as follows:
  • As a translation, this product can be described as Fresh Dried Meat Pieces. Can be similar to Basturma, produced in Europe;
  • An important message to be portrayed is that the product is «filling and tasty»;
  • Another message to portray is that it is the perfect accompaniment for road trips or weekend holidays;
  • Must show the name of the company – Dobrynya;
  • Must advertise that it is a New product or taste;
  • Ingredients: Beef, salt, spices (includes paprika, white pepper, thyme).

Our intermediate version designed by Intelligent Profit Solutions to further identify our clients taste for the final Packaging Design are displayed below. These designs are currently with our client for their consideration. We will post further progress in due course.

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