For a productive business and satisfied client, IPS develops powerful and versatile tools based on budget (software in general from design to development, mobile and web applications design and development), needs and target market using its credible research and long-lasting experiences. iPhone, iPad and Android mobile apps that require quality expertise, creative execution that helps to patent the project and create valuable Intellectual Property.

The quality development process may include, depending on client's and software / mobile application developer's clarity on project requirements and vision:

  • Feasibility study to see if the concept and strategy are viable for the market.
  • Focus group to prove the business idea, assess prototype workflow, style, functionality, design, etc. Such technics allow testing the market with relative certainty making small financial outlay before starting the development and making bigger expenses. It is easier to adjust strategy, app workflow, change the design, add or remove some functionality at an early stage of the development process. Learn more here about Pre-Project services provided by IPS in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia.
  • CMS and Admin panel for system management and making quick and informative decisions on business development. Lear more here on software project System and Data Management.

Read our article on our unique Project Management approach.

When we receive your enquiry, we will email you an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) for your protection, and our project manager will contact you to discuss your project based on your mentioned location: Sydney, Parramatta, Melbourne - Australia.

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