Are you concerned about creating your mobile app on a budget?

Just like any other project, there are practical decisions you can make to build a successful mobile application without breaking your budget.

Building a mobile application on a budget can be a challenge. When most people prepare for a project – a website, a marketing plan, or even the construction of a new home or office – they always start with a list of "everything" that they want. Then, as they begin to assess the cost, they start to make practical decisions about what is necessary and what is "a nice luxury." The process of creating a mobile app on a budget is the same, but sometimes it is harder to figure out.

For example, when approving a marketing budget, you know that you can cut expensive television ads. When you are building an office or home, you can choose a more practical carpet or get rid of the granite counter-tops.

But how do make reasonable decisions about the budget for your mobile app? The following ideas can help you create an effective application that meets your customers' needs without draining your bank account.

1. Focus on Core Mobile App / Software Features

You don't always need a lot of fancy bells and whistles to create a great mobile application. Start by clearly identifying the goal of your project; this is usually the primary problem that you want to solve for your customers. If you stick to the basics of solving the problem and do a great job with the solution, you will make customers happy. Only you will know about the "fluff" that you gave up.

2. Release New Mobile Application Versions in Stages

The great thing about mobile applications is that they can always be upgraded. Sometimes it is best to start with the basics and wait for feedback from your customers about what they would like to see next. You might just find out that their needs and priorities are different from what you anticipated. If you release your mobile app in stages, then you can make sure that the money you DO spend applied in the right areas.

3. Remove Animation for your Mobile App

The cost of animation in your design can be high, but animation is not your only option. By choosing simpler ways to present your application, you can create the core functions without the extra cost.

4. Select 2D instead of 3D for your Mobile Application Game

If you are developing a game, a great way to create your mobile application on a budget is to use 2D design. While 3D is an exciting experience, if you sacrifice function for higher dimension in the graphics, you might be sacrificing customer satisfaction.

5. Starting with one platform for Mobile App Development

You don't have to release your Android and iOS versions at the same time (devices iOS - iPhone, iPad; Android - Android mobile phones and tablets). In fact, it makes more sense to choose one platform (iOS, Android, etc. well designed) for your first release. There will almost always be changes that you want to make after it hits the market. If you focus on one platform, you can test it in the field and make all of the necessary adjustments first. It is much less expensive to make changes on one platform, and then release the other when you know you have the product right.

A budget doesn't have to hinder your ability to well-designed a mobile application. If you focus on the core needs of your customers and add more detail over time, you can end up with an appealing and useful product.

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