When Marc Ecko, the founder of Ecko Unlimited said that, "success is merely the hangover of failure"; he surely meant every word. For someone who overcame many obstacles to get to where he is today, Ecko sure knows more than a thing or two about failure in business and getting over it.

The word failure is perhaps one of the most feared words in business only because it could mean the end. It is, however, part and parcel of being in the industry. No matter how good you are or how hard you work, there will be instances when things wouldn't be in your favour. But just like anything else in life, it's all about picking up the pieces. Here's how:

Grieve, but give yourself a deadline for it.

It's natural for anyone who worked hard at something to be angry, sad, upset, despondent and even frustrated, but you also have to remember that the world doesn't stop because you failed. Sure, you can grieve for a time because it's your right, but give yourself a deadline. Once you reach that time frame, leave your failure behind and move on; this will not be easy, but it's possible.

Think forward, not backward.

There is a real reason you failed at a project, deal or a sale, and you probably know that by now. But instead of trying to find out what went wrong, focus your efforts on the things that could go right from here on. Improvement is the best way to get over failure, and that's what exactly you should do. For instance, if you've been left behind by the pack in marketing, then maybe it's time to embrace new strategies into your system. Since a lot of consumers have mobile phones today, it would be wise to develop a mobile app either for iPhone, Android, iPad or Windows, that your customers can download to follow your company. Let us at IPS take care of the tech software project development with elegantly designed interfaces for the web and mobile app interfaces needs for you.

Finally, you need to pick up some valuable lessons from your failures. It is true when they say that you'll never know the real meaning of success unless you've tasted failure. We make mistakes and stray away from our goals for a reason, and that is to learn. A lot of entrepreneurs will say that if they didn't fail at some point in their careers, they wouldn't be as successful as they are today. Failure can sting you so much that it will always remind you to avoid going through the same route again.

However, again taking steps when you have experienced person to advise or discuss your plan is well worth to avoid the mistakes. IPS, software, website (web) and mobile application development company with offices in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, has built a lot of successful software projects with interfaces for various platforms.