Facebook introduces a new login SDK for mobile application developers to integrate their software projects with social media.
To get an overview of what to expect you can by reading this article.

Facebook Login SDK can play a crucial role in some mobile apps and others it can only make mobile application user life more complicated. FB login SDK provides fast login with a single touch as well as registration during the first time when a user has the FB app installed on the device and logged into the account. The FB provides data to the app user's profile when used to register. It can provide data such as name, email, profile pic, and friends list; however, the list is quite more extensive, but the developer has to apply for additional data to be available for the app. The data can be used to implement behavioural analytics for the app and provide a personalised service, data by knowing his preferences in advance; this has to be all properly discussed and documented with your mobile application developer. The execution process for such algorithms is the most important as it puts professional and just good mobile app developers apart.

The friend list accessed from FB can provide a precious kick to create required awareness for social, chatting apps and any other apps that require users to cooperate with the friends in any way.

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Last week, we talked about Facebook's new Anonymous Logins that are going to reshape the way developers onboard users. Integrating Facebook's new technology will likely be a relatively complicated process for many teams. Developers will have to determine how to optimise their flow for the changes.

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