Many people believe that developers and IT entrepreneurs are boring geeks who are only interested in numbers and lack creativity. This assumption is distant from reality, as everyone who creates a novel solution is often motivated by a strong sense of creativity and a desire to break the rules.

Marat Basyrov, the founder of Intelligent Profit Solutions and the inventor of the Restyler, Adevi, and Meduza Lab, three projects aimed at changing the way people create software and conduct business, is one of these examples. Everything began seven years ago with Intelligent Profit Solutions, an app development company.

We spoke with Marat about the events that led to the creation of Restyler, a marketplace where creative designers can monetize their skills by connecting with clients. It may appear to be another marketplace in the gig economy, but it is not. Restyler is powered by AI tools that make the community smarter and assist creative people in producing high-quality and efficient work, while businesspeople can rest assured that they will find the correct design or person to hire for their projects.

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Intelligent Profit Solutions?

A:Intelligent Profit Solutions was founded in 2011 as a pure app development firm with an emphasis on user interface design and user experience that is both clean and effective. However, we rapidly realized that our clients required more than just an app; they sought solutions to a wider range of issues. We began offering software solutions to SME enterprises while working with entrepreneurs. We've been experimenting with machine learning and data science since 2016, and we've established ourselves as specialists in those subjects. Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Image Processing Algorithms, and Chat Bots (developed within ADEVI from ADEVI's own knowledge base structure) are some of our specialities.

Q: What makes your approach different?

A: We have identified 3 main issues that people that start their own venture experience along the way in the startup world.

  • The first issue is communication between different members of a team: there are tech people and non-tech people. For example, the designer (non-tech) can struggle to understand why the developer (tech) is telling him that the graphic solution proposed it's hard to implement at the moment and needs a change.

  • The Second Issue is about planning resources: when you deal with project management and communication issues as stated above, planning is almost impossible. Deadlines are missed and funds finish before you earn something. It's the fast way to failure.

  • The third issue is productivity: even when everything runs smoothly there are a lot of boring tasks that must be repeated over and over again, draining people's energy and time and with them, motivation and creativity. To give the best quality time must be used in the best way.

Sometimes even the tools used to support the work are actually draining. Solutions are broken down into different applications, so a solution itself can become very resource demanding.

When dealing with clients, we encountered these issues as well as the hurdles that arise from such ineffective present practises, which are the best accessible to practitioners. As a result, we made the decision to cut through the bullshit and produce something that may actually make a difference.

Q: So you decided to apply Artificial Intelligence to resolve all these issues?

A: Yes we first implemented all of that into Adevi, the all-in-one AI-powered assistant that can totally change the way people do Graphic User Interface, which is the most important part and under a certain point of view, complicated part of development.

I don't want to make exaggerated claims so let me explain that: every part of development is actually crucial but the User Experience part is where you have tech people and non-tech people having to work together. This is where you have a lot of communication issues, requests for modification and tasks to do over and over again. And this is what the user will see, so where the money is. The final user will never pay for a “beautiful, clean code” if the GUI is not nice.

Q: How does Restyler come into this?

A: We want some features of our AI-powered approach to solving problems in business to become used by as many people as possible. So we created a community where people can create FOR FREE, upload their design and work and sell it or be hired by entrepreneurs that are looking for the best creative for their projects.

As a result, a little part of what Adevi is, the smart tools in Restyler, which are AI-powered functions to assist with design, can be used by more individuals than just those who would use Adevi for business. It's also a means to promote creativity and talent: in our marketplace, undiscovered talent can gain confidence by showcasing their work and receiving endorsement thanks to the community's social feature, start earning money and decide to pursue their love. Because no one has told you how to harness and seize your potential, a lot of creative people are locked in mundane 9-5 jobs.

We want to use Artificial Intelligence to help different Human Intelligences (plural) to connect together.

Q: How can people Join the Restyler?

A: We also wanted to use blockchain technology to make the transition easier and safer, so the community is based on tokens. Creatives can join and showcase their work anytime for free, and get rewarded with tokens for their actions on the hub, buyers can acquire tokens to purchase.

Q: So for all the creative designers reading, it's time to join the Restyler!

A: I agree, you are all welcome guys.

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