FurFunk is a 3D Interactive Game App for iOS devices.

FurFunk is the cutest and most loveable app on the AppStore.
There is nothing else like FurFunk out there.

Features of the iOS (iPhone / iPad) mobile phone application - 3D interactive game:

  • Adopt your new pet
    with your very own birth certificate. Speak to Fur Funk and it will mimic you and repeat what you have said. It can repeat whatever you type on the board.

  • Touch Fur Funk's nose
    and it will sneeze.

  • Feed your pet
    and keep it Happy.

  • You can upload a music file
    from your iTunes for FurFunk to sing and dance. Be sure to keep and eye on all new apps as updates are coming for Fur Funk to be released at a later date.

FurFunk is a 3D iPhone Game App for all ages and is very entertaining.

You can read more on the FurFunk game on the Facebook page.