Focusing on routines and understanding requests will make life easier for a child or person with special needs, such as an Autistic person.

At IPS, we have designed this mobile app for iPad

The Mobile App for the iPad device comes to the logical decision as a need to get rid of the paper, the velcro, the sticky tape and the constant printing. IPS designed this mobile application for the iPad device so everything that needed (based on the client's experience with her Autistic son) would be in a single place and wouldn't break continuity while communicating with the child. She helped us to design this app for her son, as well as to support and assist others in their similar needs with a child who has special needs.

The Special Needs Daily Organiser (for Autistic people as core design) is a great tool for assisting families, carers and teachers to set daily routines for the extraordinary and beautiful child you have. Parents and carers can establish routines and activities, a day, a week or months in advance. A combination of written instructions and the ability to upload pictures to illustrate the event serves as a step-by-step instructional guide to assist with the steps in a particular activity. The routines and activities can be edited/changed and are flexible to help with last-minute additions. Teachers may use the application for iPad to establish individualised timetables. Daily routines are presented in real-time, highlighting the current activity and allow the users to see what should be expected - on schedule, to make transitions into new activities easier and less stressful.

IPS tech start-up developer designed and developed the Autism/Special Needs Daily Organiser Mobile Application for iPad devices that also allows the user to create request boards for family, feelings, food, play and other requirements/wishes. This feature allows encouraging your child to make requests actively and help to eliminate the frustration that occurred, particularly by a non-verbal child when they are communicating their needs across.

You can view and download the Mobile App - Autism/Special Needs Daily Organiser on your iPad device by clicking on the link here.

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