We have finished working on another sports project called SportsClapp – an exciting new way for sports fans to connect and cheer on their team. This project is an example of how we work with clients to improve on the concept they envisioned with professional design and optimised usability.

The Clapp is a short message that shows the team logo or colours and plays an audible cheer. For example, one fan could send a message to another that reads “Go Hawks!” and plays a short cheering sound.

The SportsClapp App will allow friends who cannot be together to watch a game and share their excitement by sending messages to each other with visible and audible cheers.

Client’s Work and Requirements

The client created a prototype in inVision for us to review. The information they provided gave us enough detail for us to understand the basic functionality they wanted in the app. However, the prototype needed the work of a designer to give it a professional look and interface. We also introduced many new functions to make the app more fun and exciting, such as “reply with received Clapp” parameters (Sport/Team) and “set more Clapps” as well as “additional features” for the paid version.

At IPS we listen to the client’s needs to provide the best possible execution for the idea within the given budget. We work with the customer to create an efficient and polished design from their original concept.

Initial Screen Designs

The first step was to complete the screen design concepts. This allowed us to agree on the style of the app so we could move on to more details and the design of other displays. Our goal was to present a modern design that was clean and crisp, without the design being overpowering and getting in the way of the user experience. It should be visually inviting, meet all of the client’s stated requirements and be intuitive to use. After consulting with the client, we made some changes to the original wireframes that were submitted.

App Functionality

SportsClapp is a fun and straightforward mobile application that sends a cheer called a “Clapp” to the friends of the user.

SportsClapp uses SMS verification to register the new user and can be integrated with FacebookTwitter to automatically display friends on the home screen and send messages-“Clapps” right from the app. The app is initially launched with the following available sports:

  • Australian Rules Football (AFL)
  • Basketball (NBA)
  • Rugby League (NRL)
  • American Football/Gridiron (NFL)
  • Soccer/Football (National teams)

Completed and Pending Work

iOS: We have completed the iPhone iOS app.

 The Android app will be finalised once the client confirms the app on the market. This will eliminate duplicated changes that eventually become very costly, as interface changes are required to be implemented on both devices.

We have advised the client to have the apps developed in native code as this will provide the best user experience in the sense of high load optimisation and efficiency.

App Management

Our aim is to allow the Administrator (the Client) to manage most of the useful content through the admin panel. This way the client will not require any particular tech person to assist him in maintaining the system. The Admin panel has a few main sections:

  • Dashboard to show the customer leading indicators based on users’ activities
  • Create and Manage Sport Clapps
  • Manage existing users

The result of the project is a fun app that looks professional and is easy to use