This project is a perfect example of what can be done with the use of smartphones and various mobile devices, the right strategy, a well-planned budget, and determination. ClubQnect is an event management SaaS software system with web and mobile applications. Qnect is one of the most complex projects we have worked on on the date of publishing this Development Case Study, and we finalised it in August 2015.

The client had a very challenging goal with the introduction of this new SaaS type software with the iPhone and Android Mobile Applications for users, as well as Web applications for Event Organisers and Software System Administrator. Their stated goal was to enter the market with innovative events ticketing SaaS Software, beat the competition, and take market share.

To reach this goal, the SaaS system as well as the mobile applications had to have unique features that were not currently used by other event tickets selling companies. It also needed to have the best possible user interface (UI) and be automated with the ‘lean business concept’ of management without employing a lot of staff.

The client came with a few instructions and little details.


ClubQnect will be a social media (Facebook) integrated mobile phone application that allows event organisers (Nightclubs, Music Festivals, University/TAFE society events) to advertise electronically and promote their events to event-goers while also being a platform where tickets to these events are electronically delivered.

Intelligent Profit Solutions

ClubQNect requires:

  • Ability to purchase tickets using PayPal or other CC gateways through iOS application
  • Ability to create events by event organisers using the Web app.
  • Ability to scan QR code using iPhone or Android app by event organisers and check-in by the user into a venue.
Web and Mobile Apps Development

Analyse the existing diagram flow provided by the client, including any other existing information.
Optimise the mobile application for Android and iPhone interface structure and workflow. Having years of experience, we have become experts in designing and developing elegant User Interfaces with functional User Experience layouts and workflows.
Following this, we design the User Interface using a wireframe structure. The sample wireframe for iPhone and Android Apps illustrated below:

We defined the base style for the entire mobile application which included the primary style for the mobile app development and all functional elements, as well as the colours that the client has chosen.
After approving the basic iPhone and Android interfaces for the primary graphic design style with the client, we proceeded with designing all other remaining screens required for iPhone and Android.

At this stage, various navigation effects were designed for the transition between the mobile screens for iPhone and Android apps. The preparation/slicing of all images to prepare for coders is the final step for the designer. However, our designer still plays a crucial role in polishing everything once the first mobile application version for iPhone and Android is available.

Our work included the integration of all screens and the coding of different animations inside of those screens, as well as enhancing the transition between the screens.
It also included developing the backend and preparing API specification, implementing API functionality with the back-end to support front-end functionality. Our final work included Implementing QR code scanning facility, payment gateway, and Social Medias for login and sharing.

Web Applications for the Event Organisers and the System Admin to manage the Qnect SaaS Software

An important part of the web applications was the development of the web apps’ layouts and flows to have the functions of registration and the ability to create events (upload photos, manage calendar, location, price, etc.). We designed the main pages, including the menu and pop-ups, with high attention to User Experience – the SaaS system was designed so web applications required to provide a lot of data. We have successfully designed and developed web interfaces with attention to the details and intuitive User Interfaces for the users to operate.

Event organisers will be able to make announcements for their events that will be displayed under the event on iPhone and Android applications. They can send custom push notifications from the web application under the user account. They are also able to manage their sales, i.e. the number and type of tickets sold etc.

iOS for iPhone and 
Android Mobile Applications can be downloaded from the Project in our Portfolio.

FB login and friends list to invite, share and see

Crew functionality
 – Custom drag and drop teams with FB friends

Friends status:
 show ticket Bought by a friend for a particular event/ticket scanned at the doors, and the user displayed under the status ‘Inside’.

Security Function:
 allow the staff to check event tickets from the same ClubQnect app by having the option to switch on/off security mode. Event organisers can give permission to any Android or iPhone mobile apps user.

QR code to scan
 the tickets from the iPhone mobile application

Join the queue to buy tickets
 – logic and implementation including business rules on the backend for tickets that are not available and either the event organiser can issue more tickets or users can 
sell their bought earlier tickets through ClubQnect system

Gift ticket
 – User can gift their purchased tickets to other users

Web app – free to register

 Event organisers can promote their events based on impressions and conversions. Algorithms for promoting functions were also created as there are many paid push notifications implemented too.

Mass Pay:
 automated to pay the profits back to event organisers after the event is finished and the finance is considered settled for the event.

Data Graphics:
 custom graphics for Web Applications for the event organisers to have information with various time and parameters filters can be applied.

User behavioural analytics:
 to display data and send push notifications

Discount and Free/guest tickets – 
the event organiser can allocate users free and discounted tickets

Guest tickets – 
users can have guest tickets

Analyse page – 
for the event organiser to work with the data, see overall progress for all-time history and download spreadsheets with the events and users data.

Announcements – 
with media files to attach

Push notifications – 
there is a number of various push notifications implemented in this project:

  • Paid push notifications related to Promote function (27 push notifications) includes algorithms to schedule them and those that based on users behaviour records;
  • Free push notifications (14 push notifications) including an algorithm to schedule them and those that are based on users’ behaviour records;
  • Announcement as the custom push notifications;
  • Custom push notifications – event organisers can also create their own desired push notifications with custom tags to insert (i.e username; event name etc.).

Admin Panel functionality includes managing the following aspects for the Qnect SaaS software system
  • Users list who accessed set the Web or Mobile Applications (including search/filters/paging)
  • User details page for the Event Organisers
  • View events on the user’s detail page
  • Events list with search and behavioural analytics accessible from the mobile Applications
  • Event view from iPhone and Android Apps
  • Adjust commission for a user or an event that displayed on iPhone and Android mobile applications
  • Ability to add funds and store credit card credentials (Vault functionality) to a user accounts accessible from iPhone and Android apps
  • Event organiser view mode from admin the admin web interface
  • Locked accounts
  • Event deactivated mode
  • Database download (need to specify the format)
  • Logs of all actions with search, filters, etc
  • Dashboard for event organisers with the summary and navigation accessible from the Web application
  • Push notifications sent from the admin web application
  • Live chat integration of third-party control for Admin to manage the Issues reported by the SaaS software system users